Best Supplements for Prostate Cancer


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  • Iv heard that some guys have 'cured' their prostate cancer with cayenne pepper alone.
    Iv started having a drink of organic tomato and pesto paste with level teaspoon of tumeric and level teaspoon of cayenne pepper and some black pepper. maybe ill throw some green tea powder and some form of pomegranate as well. but i have heard to watch the liver on such mixes

  • when you extract the active ingredient from a herb, fruit etc it becomes toxic because the remainder of the herb ….. carries the antidote. eg floride exists naturally and harmlessly in some bodys of water and some plants but when sodium floride is added to our water supply the effects are not healthy. The fault is in the reductionist method of testing ie extracting the active ingredient , holistic herbs …… have to be tested in the holistic way ie the entire herb….. thanks for posting

  • So if i continue to eat just my plant based diet…all of what u eat dr greger my enlarged prostate and libido will recover in time??? Or is it i drink beer every weekend holting that

  • Not only is research not funded for ANYTHING not potentially corporately profitable but any results that indicate a low cost benefit will not be pumped like a man in jail for 10 years would pump a 17 year old beauty queen that throws herself on him by the GOVEREMNNT CONTROLLED and owned CORPORATE media but it will be suppressed, maligned, propagandized against portraying any practitioner as a tin foil hat lunatic , not favorably then looked on in Grant applications where opposite datal will get the grants etc….you must understand 99.999percent of PEOPLE are shit and will tow the company line or else…everyone knows what their place of work wants and what it DoESNT….people are dopes dupes and whores almost to a person

  • I had my prostate removed by robotic surgery in 2013. In two months my PSA was at 2.03. It continued to double every month for the next couple of months. My doctor said I had an aggressive form of it and there wasn't a lot more they could do. My best friend discovered a company, through some friends of his with prostate cancer, in Thailand and Hong Kong who had been forced out of the United States. (Pharmaceuticals and Oncologists didn't want any competition.) I contacted them and got on their program. I have been on it now for over 4 years. My PSA now runs between 0.25 and 1.25. My blood work would rival that of a 30 year old. I am 70. It does drop my testosterone dramatically but that is part of what feeds the cancer and it doesn't seem to affect me to any large degree. My Primary physician is so impressed by it that he started recommending them to his other prostate cancer patients he thought might be willing to consider it. My Urologist doesn't like it and tells me, "After 100 years of treating prostate cancer we know best how to deal with it." Right. All they know after 100 years is to cut, burn or poison. I'll never go back to western medicine for my prostate cancer treatment. The company has testimonials on its website with names and phone numbers clear across the United States that you can contact and they will tell you their own stories. By having them there and the ability to contact them you know the testimonials are not some BS that the company wrote but real, true prostate cancer survivors. I called a couple of them myself who were friends of my best friend and they removed any doubt I may have had. The company is now working to get their treatment approved in the United States and even though the US forced them out under threat of arrest, are now having to reconsider because of the enormous success they have had world wide. You can find them on their website at "Nutrition 2000". I have taken to calling them N2K for short. Give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

  • food for medicine…fantastic…everyone should learn this before antibiotics stop working…garlic, turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper black pepper, black cumin oil, tomatoes, grapes, pomegranates, oregano, olive, raw honey, raw apple cider vinegar, apples. not even to mention the green veggies and algies and fish and the thousands of herbs which benefit the human body in a powerful way…what do they all do ?…medicine is food…

  • October 2011: PSA 4.7. Had biopsy done. Cancer in a few samples. Gleason 3+3, t 2.
    PSA has been slowly increasing (sometimes up/sometimes down) to what is now 10.3.
    Presently still in “Active Surveillance” but have refused any new biopsies. MRI done back 3 years ago showed nothing to be alarmed about. Urologist said, “if PSA continues to go up we will do another MRI. Based upon the results we may need to do treatments”. Next PSA: July 2018.

    I have been on a “Plant based diet” (mix of raw and cooked) for at least the last 4 years. I drink 2- 8oz glasses of vegetable juice a day (first 2 years 6 glasses a day). No meat or sugar (except stevia), negligible amounts of dairy and bread (will probably stop them soon).
    I drink some coffee and a lot of green tea. I am 68…feel great…and consider myself to be fairly active walking 35-40 minutes many days a week.

    Everything I read or view on YouTube leads me to believe that my cancer should be at least in remission with PSA going down. I know that not every protocol works the same for everyone so I am thinking of adding some different protocols. Something simple I can do right now is fast 18 hours a day…I’d fast a number of days but I don’t want to lose too much weight. (only 155 lbs.). Any thoughts on why the PSA still goes up?

  • I wonder why a study like this at the end of video doesn't have a control (placebo sugar pill), target (powdered fruit, veggies, turmeric, tea), and whole group (whole fruit, whole broccoli, tumeric, and liquid tea)? It would combine the rigorous quatitative RCT aspect and real world qualitative/perspective aspects in the same study.

  • As a scientist myself I am highly skeptical that these tiny amounts of powdered plants with extremely tiny amounts of any components could have any effect at all. If this were true news would spread and this pill would be a best seller, others would reproduce the results. I call fake science on this one until I see more. And I believe that you would too if you were being completely honest.

  • I had gastric bypass surgery 17 years ago and a double mastectomy last year. I am on an AI drug long term. I am 70 years old and mainly vegan. Doctors want me to take many supplements. Large intake of even the best plant based food is not possible. Any advice?

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