Best Food for Labor and Delivery


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  • I ate dates like crazy in my 3rd trimester. In fact I did all the “tricks” throughout my pregnancy. We really wanted a natural birth. I started labor 2 weeks late, labored for 36 hours even after loads of pitocin, and wound up having a c section. Yes, there are way too many c sections done in the US, but I wish my midwives had been more honest with me about my personal situation. A planned c section would have been the safest route for me and my baby. We are fortunate to both be happy and healthy now, but it was not a pleasant birthing experience.

  • This is interesting my lady had my daughter naturally at home she used dates in the last couple weeks of pregnancy. The Labour came on very rapidly only about two hour hardly no bleeding. This is after she had a csection with my son years ago. I congratulate her for her women wisdom. Thanks for the corroboration Dr.

  • Thank you for looking at these studies! I’ve recently acquired an obsession with dates, but I wish I had prior to giving birth to my son in February! Now I’ll know for the next baby. THANK YOU SO MUCH for looking at research on helping with birth!!!

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  • I just gave birth two months ago! I wish I knew!!! But I already started eating plant based for past five months and it was completely different delivery experience than the first one! I did not need epidural and refuged all the medication and it only took 30 minutes to deliver and my milk supply is amazing! No depression afterwards. Definitely recommend anyone to eat plant based food diet:)

  • Its funny how now non muslims are "just" discovering the things that were said in the Quran thousands of years ago … intermittant fasing… and now dates for easy delivery

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