Berries vs. Pesticides in Parkinson’s Disease


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  • Great video! You have always had this message. The benefits from eating anti-oxidant rich foods (especially berries) far outweigh the negative affects that come from pesticide ingestion. Thank you for all of your work!

  • this is all pretty simple and has been well understood for decades by those who don't wait for science to catch up with the body's own messages. if you ingest that which kills life, you will not fair so well. if you instead choose the food bearing plants that are INTENDED to provide food – as cleanly as possible – you will fair better.

  • Any quantitative comparative risk estimates from eating organic versus non-organic blueberries? If you are trying to protect yourself from pesticides what if there are pesticides on your blueberries? Does it have to be blueberries or is it berries, fruit, vegetable? What about blue carrots or blue califlower, etc.?

    And what about GMO plants that have pesticide built into their every cell?

  • Make sure they are organic or wild berries, farmed berries are heavily sprayed with pesticides and fungicides. As for the milk, you shouldn't eat berries with milk because the casein binds with the antioxidants. Those fruit flavored yogurts taste great but they aren't doing your brain any good.

  • Sulfur bonds to heavy metals & pesticides to get them detoxified from the body .
    sulfur also produces the amazing hydrogen sulfide gas in the body which reverses pèarkinson's .
    so , raw garlic should be eaten with each meal .
    Dr Costantini in italy discovered that vitamin thiamin b1 reverses & cures parkinson's .
    he cured more than 500 patients so far (well documented) .
    he prescribes injections of 100mg intramuscular thiamine (Benerva ) twice a week .
    plus 600mg oral thiamine (benerva 300mg) a day .
    garlic also contains a small amount of the most potent form of vitamine b1 , the lipo soluble allithiamine .

  • Constipation is extremely common. If you polled people afflicted with any disease, you would likely discover a high percentage who suffer from constipation simply because it is so common. BTW (and TMI:-), I eat a very healthy diet–tons of fiber, plenty of water, etc.–but I am not as regular as friends whose diets are crap. Explain THAT.

  • Our music teacher ate as pesticide-free/organic as she could, but she was phobic of cockroaches and had her home and yard sprayed regularly. I think this may have contributed to her Parkinson's and early death.

  • so question, would organic apples be better than blueberries that arent organic? considering blueberries and apples are typically higher in harmful pesticides. i ask mainly because organic apples are far cheaper, and organic berries are around £2 per 125grams. and typically go off in a few days.

  • see comments going ping/pong. Not hard to grow your own. i do dont do anything even with organic products and get good results. Which in turn less commercial destruction!!

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