Benefits of Marjoram for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)


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  • +MissAguce +PhereNicae etc…. Instead of focusing on individual videos and isolated supplements, you might instead want to avail yourself of his entire library of videos as well as summaries that all serve to focus on aspects of the ONE balanced whole food low fat plant based diet! There is ONLY ONE DIET for all diet related degenerative ailments! So you might want to start by watching the yearly summaries at that provide info as to how various parts of the ONE diet all contribute to the general solution – individual parts that are further explored in each of the component videos.
    Similarly, this is addressed in his book How Not To Die and it complements the SAME WFLSPB diet as presented at and as advocated by Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin Campbell and John McDougall. Its ALL the SAME. ONE diet. No magic secret ingredients. No secrets that others don't support. ONE DIET TO RULE THEM ALL.
    That is what makes the approach so amazingly powerful and SIMPLE.
    If you need help with recipes,and meal plans, check out John McDougall's website.

  • 3:26 Sounds like a Simon & Garfunkle song…

    I use herbs in my dinner practically every night but unfortunately, some of my favourite herbs are not readily available in my country, including oregano and marjoram (the latter being one of my very favourites).

  • Artichokes are high in anti-oxidants but unfortunately I can't stand those hairy fibrous things. Stymie said it best: "It may choke Arti but it's ain't going to choke Stymie".

    I love oregano and I add it to my spaghetti sauce, it's also good in beef stew and menudo.

  • Could you do a video on the specific foods to eat for sex drive and healthy erections because I'm suffering with both on the vegan diet? As soon as I introduce dairy back into my diet it comes back within 3 days. I really really want to be vegan but not if I can't maintain an erection. I should say I'm male 26 and prior to being vegan I had no problems with drive or erections . Thanks

  • Thanks Dr. Greger. My sister suffers from this condition and it's been five years now. We've been through a lot of docs that prescripted awful non-sense high protein diets which ultimately led her to kidney stones. At last, I can show my parents some scientifical evidence of things that could actually work.

  • Please Dr. Greger make as many videos as you CAN about PCOS! It's a really common problem, even my girlfriend is struggling with pre-PCOS symptoms and we both breathed a sigh of relief when we saw you are tackling this! You'll get a lot of views I know so many women that suffer from this.

  • I am deficient in vitamin b12 im taking methylocobalamin 500mg tablet daily but since you recommend cyanocobalamin i want to take that but im having hard time finding a tablet with cyanocobalamin only i live in india and all cyanocobalamin tablets that i come across are with folic acid and other vitamins and calcium can i get a suggestion regarding this issue please it would be very helpful i am also suffering from chronic urticaria i follow a plant based diet but it doesnt seem to help it i have no idea what is triggering it i had it before but it went away on its own now it's back but the hives arent as severe as they were when i was eating animal products can i get some advice i would be forever grateful

  • Well my diet tends to be fairly high carb not intentionally as I don't follow 80/10/10 or anything like that but what foods specifically would you recommend I eat daily to help this problem? Maybe my fat intake is too low…

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