Benefits of Cabbage Leaves on the Knee for Osteoarthritis


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  • I bet it would work better if you wrinkled the cabbage leaf or rolled it so as to tear and break it a little bit. Better yet would be a poultice made of emulsified cabbage. A quick turn in the Vitamix.

  • Hello ! Would someone please help me ?
    I've been dealing with hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) since I became vegan, mostly plant based, taht was about a year and half ago; but these last 6 months have been the worst and most notable.
    At that time I also stop using conventional deodorants because I read about alluminiums and parabhens so instead I was using natural deodorants like alum.
    I already went with two dermatologists but none of them worked.
    My last doctor was a great homeopath, but he told me that I'm having a body detox process after all these radical changes (eating habits). That I must just let my body detox itself.
    But I'm still worried, how long it's gonna take ? it is really embarrasing, and stressing. I continue sweating at the least effort, even now when I'm stressed I start sweating and sweating…. Has anyone has been through something similar ? Do you found any kind of cure?
    Thanks !!

  • I am not surprised at this at all. Years ago during the 'birthing boom' at my workplace, a kind elderly woman suggested that for breast pain associated with birth and breast feeding (when weaning) that we use cabbage leaves inside our bras to lessen the pain. NO PILL worked better! we all swore by this knowledge after we implemented it, and have done our part over the years to share with other new mothers.

  • Well….this is not news 😊 mum has been doing this for ages. Also, leaves from a walnut tree help with painful breasts and fir women who have milk but no baby to feed. It also worked on a phantom pregnancy of my dog.

  • Could you please make a video about gastritis? I am suffering since last December, and no doctor has helped me so far 🙁 The pain lasts for hours ( up to 12 hours) and is unbearable.
    I follow the plant-based diet, avoid alcohol, oil and spices, and every food that causes pain. Looking forward to gastritis videos ;(

  • Who would have thought the topical application of a cabbage leaf would provide any joint pain benefits. The power of cabbage never ceases to amaze me. Ingesting cabbage juice for good health is becoming a common theme.

  • Thank you very much for the video! Dr. Greger, my friend (whom I recently introduced to your videos) decided to switch to a plant based diet as well, she has a knee condition – synovitis. Could you please make a video about benefits of plant based diet for this condition or recommend foods that may be used as medicine? Also, we currently live in China and my friend is Chinese, so she does eat a lot of white rice every day, I thought that also might be the reason why her plant diet isn't really working out so well for her. Thank you very much in advance.

  • Awesome ! 😀
    We should go full on with this and test every other plant also >> spinach, etc >>> for all their other hidden properties! 😀

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