Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep


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  • I drink between 4-6 glasses of green tea each day so my saggy flesh should all youthful in no time. I wonder what it is about cholesterol that so harmful to skin. Cholesterol is essential for life really. Our brains are made of it and every nerve fiber in our body is covered in it yet it's bad for the skin. My cholesterol dropped well below 100 and my Dr freaked on me, yet another Dr said "AWESOME!" a month before. There seems to be tremendous controversy regarding cholesterol. Hmmm, I wonder…

  • @ichoosetheredpill… the controversy is from the meat/dairy industry putting out "studies" that say their products are safe and cholesterol is good. Cholesterol is nessesary but our bodies make our own, just like animals make their own. Its completely unnessesary, and harmful, to rip the cholesterol out of animals and ingest it.

  • Yes, I know… I understand the pathway and what drives it. I'm good on calories and I get more then the RDA including the countless nutrients and micro nutrients that don't count if you know what I mean. The RDA used to be called "The minimum amount needed to sustain life" way back when yet we "RELY" on it as the guidelines for health. It was determined to help establish the absolute minimum nutritional intake needed to survive. Very strange…

    Thank you for the comment… PeaCe2U my friend

  • I have seen other research advocating GREEN tea to help our skin…thus, I try to drink 2 or 3 cups a day…but when I saw the HIBISCUS tea video by Doc Greger, I was trying to incorporate that also!!! So lately, I've been brewing up a blend of organic green tea AND Hibiscus tea and taking that to work! Thanks Doc…and let's not forget that cigarette smoking is about the WORST thing for your skin!

  • Really? I've never heard that before. What's it's name so I can pass this information onto someone. This is amazing information to be honest with you.

    I really appreciate your help with this…


  • I'm sorry I completely missed you comment earlier, it's because it didn't address m directly and I just returned to the video to answer a direct reply to me. I agree with every single thing you pointed out. I don't eat that stuff either, for reasons we all know are true.

    PeaCe2U veganraymie…

  • Durianrider can't quoted as a definitive answer for everything. I just did a google and scholar search and not one single word came up which didn't surprise. Can there be toxins in anything? Absolutely which is why you don't buy green tea 100 bags boxed at the flea market for $2.00. But there are way too many respectable proponents of green tea who never mentioned possible toxicity. Cells have specific needs. I think eating 80-10-10 will cause long term problems but what do I know. Take care…

  • I've been eating massive amounts of high quality butter, yogurt, meat, fish, cream, milk, organs, etc ever since I discovered Dr. Weston Price's research. My health is phenomenal, my skin is flawless, my hair makes girls weak in the knees, my breath never smells even in the morning (and I rarely brush my teeth), etc etc. Dr. Price's conclusions are a life-saver and a life-giver, heed the wisdom of our ancestors.

  • Drinking slow juiced fruit and veg dramatically improved my 48 yo skin, particularly around genitals and face. It returned to pre teen days on softness and smoothness. It also greatly reduced skin barnacles, or rusting as I like to call it. Scaling on lower legs disappeared as did dandruff.

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