Back to Our Roots: Curry and Cancer


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  • add a little black pepper to everything you make with turmeric.
    you won't get the benefits of the turmeric without the black pepper assistance.

  • "10 Self Healed Cancer Survivors: Ruth Heidrich, Kris Carr, Megan Sherow, Chris Wark, Carl Helvie …" 

    This is my latest youtube video. I hope many people watch and then check out the links to learn more. 

  • Check out Vah Chef on Youtube.  He has great, concise recipes (over 1000), and has just started a new series of oil-free recipes called "be cool, be fit" sponsored by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin.  I am! going to make his version of oil free aloo gobi matar tonight!  Also, check out recipes for golden milk – yum.

  • I'm picky about my spices–Indian style food is my least favorite as the spices don't sit well in my stomach :/ Any advice or thoughts on how I can eat more? I use a bit of turmeric when I make tofu scrambles maybe once a week or so but that's it, I really dislike the flavor of it. I guess I'll have to give it another try, get creative with it if it is as good for us as people think.

  • Anyone here has read Paul Jaminet's book The Perfect Health Diet? It says we should be getting 50% of our calories from fats and that we should eliminate wheat as it is causing heart disease

  • I am from India and cancer rates there are rising now!! Too much pollution, adulterated food, and low vegetable intake is to blame I think. 

  • Well, I'm from India. I should say prevalency of CHD and DM are high in India because we have high consumption of rice and sugar based food and coconut oil. I hope you will consider this, before you try Indian foods:)

  • Dean Ornish now says that one diet fits all is not a proper advice as our bodies and genetic makeup are different. He did say that third world food is the healthiest.

  • India has a warm climate and people get tons of sunshine. They are also 5 to 10 times more physically active than your average American. People walk to small mom & pop stores to buy grocery items. They keep moving a lot. I was in India 3 months back and I lost 10 pounds in a month lol

  • Funny how you mentioned nothing about the discrepancy in detection rates between India and Western countries. The difference in cancer diagnoses is likely due to less access to, and poorer quality of health care in India. Just because cancer isn't diagnosed in a population does NOT mean it doesn't exist.

  • Thank you Dr. Greger for another thought provoking video and informative lesson. Keep up the good work. And, everyone should share this video on their Facebook page. Be proactive. Doing something to change the world for good. Share this video with your friends.

    The fresh fruits and vegetables above mentioned is irrelevant because everything is loaded here with unneccessarily huge amount of pestcides and insecticides.Its because of the low level education related the dose usage.
    My brother had his whole stock of pomegranates rejected by some european country because the insecticides and pesticides level in it were too high than the EU standards.
    We have quantity here but the quality is shitty as anything.
    Also..we sure eat an unnecessary amount of spices .So much that the original taste of the vegetables is completely destroyed,not to mention the 1 INCH layer of oil on everything.
    ABOUT THE MEAT THING – The young generation is eating a copius amount of meat especially broiler chicken.thanks to the KFC's and Mcdonaland's and others .Again the goddamned tasty spices are a huge factor in the increased consumption.They surely make everything tasty.
    A special train for insecticides and pesticides related cancers.If not now we are soon going to take the lead in cancers and stuff owing to the stupidity ,foolishness,and the habit of blind following among Indians .
    So think about everything before making any rash decisions.PLEASE !!!!

  • Taking turmeric every day will lower your hemoglobin and you become
    tired and sick , Turmeric chelates iron out of your body . Go to your
    Doctor and get your Iron levels checked if you take turmeric every day
    .Too much of o a good thing can make you sick . Life is about balance
    .So much hype on the internet people selling books and supplements same as big pharma every one wants money !
    over doing things and you go against mother nature .

  • Indian food or not, make use of the spices yourself. Eating out can be more harmful then eating non-turmeric based food. I am sure Dr Greger does not mean you can consume the oil and salt as well. I prepare my own food, unpalatable for many but it has become a norm for me. Spices and spices….

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