Back in Circulation: Sciatica and Cholesterol


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  • Dr. Greger, thank you so much for this…I had no idea! I have been in the health movement for a long time..never ever heard this! I have back pain, it is getting better…it is A LOT better when I use MSM, actually basically disappears! Can you do a video on this? You are an angel, thank you for all that you do, peace and God Bless.

  • Dr. Greger, you are a genius! Yes, I suffered from extreme lower back pains when I was eating the standard american diet. I was working as a Security Guard in an environment where I HAD to stand up for hours without sitting down, and the pain got so bad that I had to quit my job. There were days I came home and dropped on the floor. Mind-you, I was only 23 years young!
    After discovering a plant-based vegan lifestyle, I can proudly say I no longer suffer those pains anymore 🙂 

  • Besides diet…providing blood flow to the area is a must since the discs rely on heavy blood flow for adequate nutrition. The quickest way I have found to heal the low back is through riding a road bike.

  • McDonald's isn't going to like this video, nor are any of the other fast-foot purveyors. Glad I've never had any back pain and hope to stay that way, being Vegan.

  • Thank you, Dr. Greger! Many are taking years off their lives by following the Standard American Diet (SAD). This video provides documentation about how degenerative disk disease (DDD) and erectile dysfunction (ED) are caused by cholesterol. "You are what you eat," is true after all!

  • Well, whatever that better diet might be, it's not vegetarian. Few folks can stick to it, so it's not a viable thing.

    "A new study by the animal-friendly Humane Research Council reveals that 84% of vegetarians and vegans return to consuming our farm friends — and the animal rights world is terrified.

    The meaty stats come from the first comprehensive study of current and former vegetarians and vegans conducted by Green’s group and Harris Interactive.

    The survey of more than 11,000 adults revealed that only 2% of Americans don’t consume meat at all. And 88% have never been vegetarians or vegans.

    And worse news for the “animals are people, too” crowd is this statistic: Of the 12% of Americans who have tried the veggie lifestyle, five out of six revert."

  • Will you please do a video on B17? Apricot kernals, apples seed… it has been bugging me to know if it is in fact quackery.
    To me it makes sense, but is just too good to be true. Thanks doctor 😉

  • I suffered from back pain that was getting worse. Started going to kiros and others the in my late thirtys but it never solved the problem long term. After treatment my back felt better for a while but the problems always came back. Since going vegan my back slowly gets better all the time. Haven't had a back treatment for over a year now.

  • I've had sciatica on and off since my sophomore year in high school. I find that I get it if I work one side of my body more than my other side. I've definitely had less since switching to a low fat vegan diet, but it still hasn't gone away.

  • Thank you Dr Gregor for this input I have circulated it among many friends that have that issue. Hopefully they'll respond to you and go to your YouTube site .Again Thanks:-)

  • I love your videos. I suffer from sciatica pain and always wondered by when I went vegan it sooo greatly reduced. But I have not made a permanent go of vegan though I prefer vegan food and just really don't care for dairy or meat. I haven't do so out of connivence because it would take a little extra work on my part when going out.  However I had resolved to go back to vegan on 12/26 but really I can't see any reason to wait. I don't care if my milkshake is bananas, cocoa powder, and almond milk vs the dairy counterpart. I love rice and veggies. I love chili and love it with multiple beans and corn. I like homemade bread and it just has 4 ingredients (no oil). I just don't see why I should wait and so thank you for your videos.

  • i have this bad. steroids did not help and ive been stretching kida helps but nut long term … my posture has been improving but wake up every day hurting . pain killers dont help . never been in a accident . i also keep my oils down low

  • A few months ago, I talked to a lady who had back pain. I asked her if she led a sedentary life but she told me that she didn't. I couldn't figure out why she could possibly have back pain. I also know a man who couldn't feel his legs and doctors found out that his spine openings were clogged up. He had a surgery and is fine now. He also had a heart surgery in the past so it is clearly a matter of cholesterol.

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  • I can certainly vouch for the back pain during adolescence. I had back pain at the age of 15, but that all changed when I went on a whole foods vegan diet.

  • Thanks to Dr. Gregor's videos, I switched over to a whole foods, plant-based diet to lower my high cholesterol. Low and behold, several months after doing so I noticed that my sciatica and general leg pain had disappeared as well!! My migraines are a thing of the past as well.

  • This blows my mind! I had the feeling for a long time that Scoliosis is also caused by diet. The clients that have scoliosis have the worst diets compared my other clients.

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