Avoiding a sugary grave


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  • What I don't like about this video, is that it superfocuses on one thing. AGE and that's all. The amount of sugar or other substances is not mentioned.
    I also wonder what types of meat were actually in this study? Organic and grass fed or just conventional rBGH filled, antibiotic flavoured, nutrien lacking mean?

    I'm sorry but I don't believe that roasted organic meat is worse than deeped in hydrogenated fats hamburger. A true expert would look at ALL the factors and not focuse on just one. This anti-systematic approach is very unprofessional, since people would get confused.

  • I like doctor Greger. But he is not entirely honest in here. Yes chicken was the highest.
    But he ignores the fact that NUTS (That he recommends) has much higher levels than meat! He hides and manipulates the facts to come to his conclusions!

  • My problem here is that these AGE numbers refer to the amount contained in the food itself and generated by cooking, but does not account for the endogenous production of AGE's upon consumption, which is the gripe that many paleo-types have with fructose and other simple sugars.

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