Are the Benefits of Organic Food Underrated or Overrated?

If we increased our consumption of conventionally-produced fruits and vegetables how much cancer would be prevented versus how much cancer might be …


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  • "but I think the bottom-line is sound. We get a tremendous benefit from eating conventional fruits and vegetables that far outweighs whatever tiny bump in risk from the pesticides, but hey, why accept any risk at all when you can choose organic—I agree, but we should never let concern about pesticides stop us from stuffing our face with as many fruits and vegetables as possible."

  • Your video content is a bit of an oxymoron when compared to your title… You've basically highlighted that eating more fruit and veg is better for us… isn't that an obvious statement to make? Then you link it to exercise… a bit of stretch in your argument…

    Going back to your video title: are Organic foods better for us?? Well of course they are!!! There are studies to show they have far higher levels of nutrients and don't use disease causing pesticides etc. If more people switched then the price would reduce considerably.
    I totally support eating more fruit and veg whatever the status, but also doing what can in regards to gradually switching to organics. Better for us and the environment including wildlife.

    Stick to your title next time, I do not support Monsanto pesticides, Gmos. They put profit before human welfare and are systematically destroying our natural ability to grow healthy, non mucked around with, life enhancing produce. They want to control all of our food production, totally focused on power over us.. not, I repeat not for our health & welfare. Don't let their massive pockets,influence and media lies influence your decisions otherwise! Research and dig for yourselves.

  • This is a great video, since not only I completely avoid the 'dirty dozen', but avoid buying any conventional produce out of very real fear of pesticides. So unless I find an organic alternative, I simply won't buy some of the fruits & veggies, whole grains & legumes I could benefit from.

  • I would like to know if there is any truth to what I've been hearing about organic, though? Sure, no synthetic pesticides are allowed, but I've heard that many times, the substances used are just as toxic to humans … Unnatural Vegan's channel talks about this, and I've also read comments by people who were into that kind of research. Be nice to know if it's really worth the extra buck. It's also interesting that when I am willing to shell out the extra cash for organic, that it often looks like hell, and so I end up buying the healthier looking conventional produce. For certain organic crops, whatever they are doing isn't enough to produce a good-looking product … celery is a big one, broccoli generally looks worse etc.

  • I agree with this, but what about the dirty dozen? Assuming you were someone who only bought conventional produce, would it be best to eat as much produce as possible but exclude the dirty dozen?

  • Thanks for the video Dr Gregor. I wonder if only looking at differences in incidences of cancer is sufficient to measure the potential benefit of eating organic. I mean, of course there are more disease conditions than just cancer. Couldn't there be other conditions that may be influenced by pesticide consumption? And, aside from specific conditions directly affected by pesticide consumption, what about those conditions that may be indirectly affected? Imagine: pesticide consumption could negatively affect gut flora, which would predispose the body to all sorts conditions that a healthy gut flora would be protective of. Just a thought experiment, and haven't dived into the literature to provide specific examples or mechanism by way this could be true – I just had a big dinner and am feeling a tad over-parasympathetic 🙂 cheers

  • The price. I just spent 20 bux for 4 lbs of organic apples. Times are tight. I am considering just not eating apples in the future because I can't afford to regularly spend that much on apples. Is it better to just not eat apples if you can't afford organic? Same goes for berries and any others on the "dirty dozen"?

  • Apparently conventional grains have a higher pesticide count than fruits n veggies, read that recently so I try to buy organic grain and thin skinned fruits ( berries, peaches etc) but conventional thick skin produce. I'm on a tight budget, can't have it all!

  • I worked on several organic farms…they use a very dangerous product called copper sulfate…it burns your skin..killed all our bees..went into the wells destroying the water supply…..if consumers knew how organic farms are actually run it would be the end of the organic food scam…..

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