Are Organic Foods Healthier?


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  • Are Organic Foods Healthier?
    That is what Nutritionists , health conscience people, vegan vegetarian ones , organic agricultural industries say so !. 
    As for me , Im vegan conventional , whole food plant based, no oil not even olive oil.
    Not that I dont want consumme  organic's but because i can't afford those xpensive organic's product.
    So what the benefit of being vegan then ??? If i cant afford organic product ???….

    Water… experts say drink ph ballance water, spring water, filtered water, etc. etc…and all those kind of water are xpensive i can not afford…

    So what left to eat nd drink for Vegan Conventional like me then ???….

  • in the name of sanity have we really got to do this video of coarse organic is better for your health end of….. all pesticides herbicides insecticides fungicides are developed poisons a lot coming from nerve gas. ever since our obsession with chemically meddling with our food and water every major disease as increased at an alarming rate, you don't need all these studies which keep changing more than the weather, just use your common sense eat as much organic as you can filter you water, remember this doctor is all for plant based diets,it therefore stands to reason that if you follow this diet you are more likely to be exposed to more toxic chemicals,

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