Are Melatonin Supplements Safe?


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  • Melatonin supplements make me break out with acne every time I take them. I also felt foggy and depressed when I took them. Keep in mind I am very prone to depression anyways.

  • What if one is working the late shift and needs to get day or morning sleep every day that one is working, five days a week? What if a person doesn't or can't sleep eight hours but only four or five hours at a time, and needs to get back to sleep in a couple of hours to meet a time schedule? Why is it that when melatonin is ever mentioned its always about jet lag?

  • The minute anything is regulated by the FDA, it then requires a $200 visit and hope that a "doctor" will prescribe it, and then requires follow up visits at out of pocket expense, now that Obummercare is unaffordable, to get refills in most states. Its all a scam to turn people into those who will and won't survive this kind of tyranny. Expect the suicide rate to continue an upward trend with this kind of OTC regulation. Why not just make it regulated without a "doctor" in the middle to get it?

  • Dr. Gregor! you're killing me 🙁 I take a generic 3mg dose of melatonin nightly to help counter act the cortisol in my body post exercise. Without a sleeping agent I will stay awake all night. I have been taking it for 2-3 weeks now without issue. I actually noted how mild it is compared to benedryl and other tranquilizers. Melatonin allows me to wake up feeling refreshed and not drugged. I think i'll keep taking it for now and ween myself off as time goes on.

  • Thanks Dr. Sure don't use melation for jet lag. But please review also sleeping bills side effects and prescription drugs deaths statistics so one can decide the less of two evils to go a head with in case of non jet lag issues.

  • this is bullshit. Supplement manufacturers adhere to stringent codes and regulations for food safety standards and have to be GMP and NSF certified. FDA often sends officials to check and inspect the quality of the facilities. 3rd party laboratory testing of safety of supplements is not hard nor expensive to come by these days.

  • Thank you, Dr. Gregor. Just recently began started taking melatonin again, so as soon as I saw that you had posted a video on it, I knew I had to watch it. It's safe to say I won't be taking melatonin anymore. Thank you for always providing reliable information regarding the things we put in our bodies, you're saving people from harms they don't even know are harms.

  • I’ve heard it’s bad to give to children because they will eventually stop producing it on their own with continued use? Any truth to this?
    Not that I want to try but this has always stopped me from using it even for myself.

  • Those two molecules weren't even remotely similar Mr Gregor and you know it. They both have two benzene rings and that was about it. All the branches were different.


  • I am a fan of Dr. Grager but I don´t think he has the ultimate truth , he is just a very well informed doctor and many times he is wrong. Melatonin is by far one of the greatest antioxidants you can take, I mean waaaay powerful. I Will continue to use it as it Works very nicely for me. I respect all other views, but this is my personal experience with it and definitly I have researched the issue very well and I think that melatonin is beneficial for many.

  • I got night terrors once from a bottle of melatonin. Would wake up sweating and with the sensation that I had been deprived of oxygen. Also when falling asleep it was more a sense of blacking out into death than sleep, because my consciousness would be quite aware but I felt like I was slipping down through the pillow into darkness. Threw out that bottle, and stopped taking melatonin. Years later, I bought another bottle of same brand and it's working fine this time. Though some times, one pill from the same bottle would make me much more sleepy than another pill from the same bottle taken a few days ago. Yeah, it's not very well done this quality control.

  • Tryptophan is a rather often token supplement. I think the 'epidemic' was caused by contamination… since tryptophan is JUST an amino acid found in food.

  • Just taken melatonin then. I suffer from DSPD and daytime sleepiness (for 4 years) and melatonin plus a light-therapy box is actually helping me for the first time (in the past 2 months). I purchased mine online — unsure whether that makes a difference.

    Unfortunately, I can't see any other way to overcome this circadian dysfunction. It's ruining my life, and this is the only thing that may allow me to overcome it forever.

  • Dr. Greger, I have a very important question. I found a study online, I think year 1989 that said that black pepper causes microbleeding in the intestinal wall, or intestines. The reason I bring this up is because I am using fresh tumeric root with ginger and I was adding black pepper to help with absorption. So, I am very concerned. Can you substitute quercetin containing food like onion and I think garlic to help with absorption instead of black pepper . I think I read a study that said that and also resveratrol could help. Is the black pepper for the inhibition of the p-glycoprotein? I don't want microbleeding. Thank you.

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