Are Green Smoothies Good for You?


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  • Does anybody have a nice and simple recipe for a breakfast smoothie? Since I got sick when I stuffed myself with spinach a few months ago I cannot eat spinach anymore it's so disgusting. I would like to have something with blueberries and peas!! 🙂

  • This is such great news. I really trust and I was worried that something would be wrong with green smoothies. I already learnt not to juice fruits since that removes important fiber. Thanks for confirming my instincts about blending greens.

  • Green smoothies are fine, but the LAST green I would put in a smoothie is raw spinach. Raw spinach has oxalic acid, it causes kidney stones, and keeps you from absorbing the iron you're trying to get from the spinach. Cooking spinach gets rid of the oxalic acid. I love spinach, but I cook it. ( Same goes for raw mushrooms, they contain carcinogens) (and I don't give whole apples to my dog, the seeds contain cyanide)

    I don't know why people are so crazy about a totally raw food diet any way, human evolution is from cooked foods, we are the only animal that cooked foods, and who is to say that is not why the human brain is more highly developed than other animals' brains.

    Also smoothies are a processed food, the difference is that you are processing it yourself instead of a factory, maybe that's fine, but cavemen didn't have blenders so if you are totally into 'natural' then maybe you shouldn't be blending your food. All the time. Occasionally, probably fine.

  • I think I know what the downside may be… The smoothies need to be consumed immediately. Well, I was just wondering this, because my banana smoothie turns brown fairly quickly, so I assume it also changes on a nutrient level. Please let me be wrong though 😉

  • I feel like he's in my kitchen chilling every time I'm preparing GOOD vegan food for unappreciative family. 2 hours later, dinner's done, but they couldn't wait and already ordered pizza. I just look at Greger, sigh and shrug.

  • So, Chew veggies as much as possible or better blend it.  However, whole grains, don't chew or blend.     So Blend Veggies, and THEN pour this over cooked whole grains.

  • Masticating juicer, or blender? I've seen the masticating juicers pitched for supposedly having the advantage of not heat damaging the nutrients. Is that claim backed up by legit studies or is it just marketing copy?

  • Esselstyn doesn't recommend smoothies because chewing food mixes the food with the enzymes in the saliva so promoting absorption of nutrients. However, as I love green smoothies, instead of 'drinking' them, I now take as much time 'chewing' or rather 'mixing' them in my mouth to ensure the enzymes get a chance to do their job. Digestion starts in the mouth, not the stomach.

  • "Might there be a downside to enhanced absorption?" FIND OUT NEXT VIDEO? I was ready to jump up and go blend up my spinach, berries and bananas by the end of this video and then you drop that bomb!? You toy with me Greger!

  • What I think is very important when making a smoothie is to actually use a blender stick or a wooden spoon to mash it up and then pulse it AS LITTLE as possible because when you oxidize the smoothie, it makes it more bitter. My favorite mixture is a very ripe mango, frozen banana, and fresh bananas, all super spotty and then greens in it too. BEST COMBO EVER ESPECIALLY IF MOST OF THE BLENDING IT FROM MASHING WITH A WOODEN SPOON!!! You'll thank me later when it's mango season 😉

  • hahaha I can't stop laughing. drank my fresh coconut juice blended with fresh juice of kale, spinach, cucumber. giving my jaws and rest of my body a rest. hahaha then in a day or 2 back to eating the whole fruits and vegetables again. can't believe people make a big deal out of juicing or not. just juice and enjoy! blend and enjoy! eat the whole fruit/veges and enjoy! have a cooked vege dish with whole grain rice. enjoy!

  • So I'm wondering this, I've read smoothies could be allowing our bodies to utilize the fruits and vegetables more. However that could be starving more of the probiotics in your gut since our bodies are digesting it before it can get to your gut.

  • this is great news! Without knowing about the big benefits of blending, I never really liked 'juicing', since it leaves so much fiber (and I guess also vitamins and minerals) behind, which I always added to other dishes. Sold the juicer and got a good ole Osterizer, I guess from the 70's. Running every day at least once per day -> on LIQUIFY. 1 carrot, 1 whole peeled orange, 1/2 stalk of celery, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 apple, 1/2 cup of blueberries, some freshly frozen pineapple pices, a few freshly frozen cherries, and mabye some blackberries, some chia seeds, 1 cup of pure orange juice, 1 tsp fresh ginger paste, 1/4 tsp turmeric, black pepper…. AND….a hand full of baby spinach. The blackberries keep the color purple/dark pink. Oh, yes, a few drops of organic flax seed oil. Add some filtered water to the desired amount. Blend it to oblivion. Gives me a jug/up to 4 cups of creamy smoothie, which are consumed over the course of the day. Love it, and this way I am hardly hungry. Btw, I am eating a good WF-PB brunch in the morning, and a good WF-PB dinner in the late afternoon. Between: some nuts, and sipping sloowly my smoothies away, and a couple of Dr. Greger's 'no-bake-brownies'. Thanks Dr. Greger for forwarding all this important information

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