Are GMOs Safe? The Case of Roundup Ready Soy


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  • Love your videos so much, Dr Greger! I have always wondered why regulators have allowed GMO crops in the food supply without so much as a single clinical trial performed in humans (correct me if I am wrong on this point). According to Monsanto, there is no need for clinical trials because their products are deemed so safe – not exactly the most unbiased source of info.

  • Those chemical giant bastards!  Muddying the waters so that people can't make an informed decision.  Now the EPA has announced that these chemical companies can go ahead a bath the GMO crops with 100 X the herbicides to combat super weeds.  XP

  • One of the authors of this paper is an employee at Earth Open Souce, John Fagan.  He has lobbied since the early 1990's for an end to all genetic technologies, going so far as to return all the NIH funding he received as a protest against human gene therapies.  He now teaches Vedic alternative medicine approaches to treating serious medical conditions, based on his time at Mahirishi University.

    He is the author of a book, "Genetic Engineering: The Hazards, Vedic Engineering: The Solutions".

    None of this was declared as a conflict of interest in the paper.  Adding him to the paper gives it the stink of political activist science.

  • I just found out Roundup is used on many non-gmo crops as a drying agent.
    It is called "crop desiccation."   They spray Roundup or other herbicide on the crop to kill it before harvesting.
    Scary stuff.

  • Great work, this is the true cost of GM food! Radioactive synthetic pesticides that cause cancer over time! Thank you for taking the time to share this info with the world 🙂

  •  I have been very sick for many years. Six weeks ago I changed one single solitary thing in my life. I stopped eating all mass produced wheat products. I then started eating only locally baked ancient grain and organic bread. And now almost all of my symptoms from "wheat" consumption are completely gone. I know, shocking! I am shocked! I had hyperthyroid, eczema, psoriasis, hypertension, and very bad insomnia from the hyperthyroid. I changed my shirt six times a day due to intense under arm sweating. I had bright red rashes covered my arms and legs. I had giant psoriasis patches on my torso that hurt intensely, cracked and bled dozens of blood spots on my sheets every night. Someone told me about the poison (glyphosate or roundup) being sprayed DIRECTLY on wheat. I didn't think much of it at first and then just got the idea to cut poisoned wheat out of my diet and see what happened. I cut all poisoned wheat out of my diet and nothing else. Guess what? Every chronic syndrome I had completely reversed. I would have never believed it had I not experienced it myself. And yes, I still eat wheat! I am still eating bread! Just not the poisoned crap and I never will ever again and neither will anyone in my family, EVER.

    The rashes on my arms are gone. The giant patches of cracking and bleeding psoriasis are now only slightly pink patches fading more every day and they don't hurt! Or bleed! I sleep all through the night, every night like I can't recall doing for years! No more valerian, melatonin, and benadryl every two hours to force my vibrating body to sleep. And no more being a zombie every day, forcing myself to work in spite of being half asleep, feeling like I always  had some strange flu and mild fever, and feeling for lack of a better term like I was half dead. I can not tell you what this means to me. And during the day, I now wear only one shirt per day! No more sweating! The puffiness under my eyes I couldn't figure out the cause of has virtually disappeared! Chronic knee pain is gone! My blood pressure is normal. I am so fucking excited! And sickened by the implications of this horrific discovery. I have read and listened to a lot of information in the last six weeks. I think that Glyphosate may be the biggest health crisis this country has ever faced, EVER. What the  fuck is going on! Why isn't the media reporting the studies demonstrating it's toxicity to humans and the fact that this poison DOES bio accumulate in human beings. We are swimming in a sea of this shit and it is toxic to humans. What the fuck is going on!

    I eat healthy, no soda, hardly and sugary treats, lots of salads, lots of good vegetable and fruits, very little junk food. I hike regularly and am very active and I felt as though I was dying for a long time. After ten years of trying every medicinal approach, both natural and western, and having nothing work, all I had to do was stop eating the poison our wonderful farmers are producing for our dinner tables and restaurants. My question is, how it is at that such willful ignorance and the carrying out of such a dangerous and disgusting practice can go on? How is this possible? I want to know what happened to critical thinking? Farmers are actually spraying poison directly onto fields of food meant for human consumption. And their response is, "Um, well, we were told it's not harmful to mammals". This fucking poison called glyphosate is sprayed directly onto and absorbed directly into plants that are ground up and made into food that we eat! DID YOU HEAR THAT!

    Note to the uneducated, ignorant people holding our lives in their hands… human beings are not a single organism. We are a biosphere of trillions of bacteria. DID YOU HEAR THAT? You can not feed us a poison that kills the bacteria that make up a large aspect of our biological mechanism and expect us to be healthy. Wake the fuck up! I'm sorry. I have been sick for a long time and I think I have the right to be angry and say that anyone who engages in this poisoning is fucking sick, self centered, inconsiderate assholes. So my message is, fuck you you fucking assholes. How fucking dare you poison me and anyone else for that matter you fucking grotesque pricks! You stole part of my life and my family's life and surely millions of other people's as well and for what? How many people have been murdered by the poison you are spraying on our food? How fucking dare you! That is fucking megalomaniacal and insane. FUCK YOU.

  • Listen, farmers love GMO soy and they are NOT going to stop using it. Glyphosate is applied at the incredibly sparse rate of 8 dry ounces per 500 gallons of water per acre. It is only used more than once by farmers who make the mistake of not rotating their crops annually. Any pesticide of any type has always had resistance issues when it is used year after year on the same fields. When used properly the glyphosate on soybeans is minuscule. In addition, the LD50 data on glyphosate which the guy did not share with you here, is very revealing – table salt is 43% more toxic to humans than glyphosate. You can't even taste 8 ounces of salt mixed in 500 gallons of water but it is still 43% more toxic to you. Yes you can drink that every day with impunity.

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