Are GMOs Safe? The Case of BT Corn


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  • Why is everyone acting like he took a side here? He did not say he agreed or approved, he simply stated that this particular pesticide (BT) was being used on organic produce. He never states or insinuates an opinion on the matter.

  • It was alluded to below, but it bears repeating.  In the case of organic farming, dead or weakened forms of the bacterium itself is used, not the BT toxin.  Huge difference.  The bacteria will be viable a very short time, where the BT corn has the toxin built in to the plant material itself.  So what we're dealing with is a major difference in potential dose.  He briefly referenced BT toxin having no adverse human affects, but failed to produce one good study saying so.  And what did those studies look at?  The bacterium or the toxin, and in what dosages?

    Earlier in the video he said he doesn't want to comment on what the animal studies show since we're talking about human health.  If animal studies bear so little insight on health matters, then why do we do them??  What if there is a clear trend in the studies?  I enjoy this channel immensely, but I think the good doctor pretty much sidestepped this whole issue.

    Finally, I would be curious to know if the doctor has ever intentionally avoided any GM foods himself?

  • Bt has been sprayed on crops since before World War II.  As far back as 1938 farmers sprayed their crops with Bacillus thuringiensis spores (brand name "Sporine") using a liquid suspension to ward off wheat parasites.

    If you're going to talk about the toxicity of Bt cry gene products, I think you need to address the fact that three generations or more of most families have consumed Bt on an almost daily basis.

  • Motto for 21st century…… Kill the customer, hook the children, release the flu yearly and own big phama and distibutors. Pay off politicians, lean on corp media execs.

    Higillian dialectic of Problem, reaction, solution.

    Cyclical profit centers

    Score giant.

  • The bacteria in our gut can undergo a process termed transformation, whereby novel genetic material (genes for endotoxin delta from ingested plant material) is taken up from the E. coli environment and recombined into the E. coli genome.

    After this event the E. coli can transcribe and translate the gene into protein depending on where it was recombined in their genome. In this event, the protein may not be broken down by the human body as fast as it is translated and then may be absorbed through intestinal villi into the capillaries and into the blood.

    A couple things to consider here include past food additives that industries did not know had adverse human health effects until decades later and pharmacokinetics. The pharmacokinetics prove to be very tricky for a couple reasons. First we do not have the ability to select the site in the plant genome where we insert the endotoxin delta gene so every event creates a new strain of corn with varying rates of endotoxin formation and thus varying concentrations. Second, we do not know the exact mechanism whereby endotoxin delta acts on the gut epithelium of insects. Further, enzyme kinetics is relevant here because we are dealing with a substrate and receptor in the plasma membrane. It should be noted that enzyme kinetics are not considered all or nothing but vary based on binding efficiency, concentration, temperature, pH, etc.

    To say this matter has been resolved would be ignorant to say the very least.

  • "A good gauge of a statement's fallacy is the conviction with which it is delivered."

    I find this is true in many topics of discussion, some of them very close to home here.
    Try not to be one of those people.

  • It is truly sad to see what US government turn into, any body with big pockets or the most lobbyist can manipulate things through republicans the ones are number one enemy of US citizens. No wonder US has now very large number of children with autism, HT AD, with one side aliens experimenting humans like lab rats, with another side US government allowed big business experiment  on US citizens like lab rats, it just disgusting what this country name of profit doing over entire country.       

  • It's not just bad for us, these factory farms destroy family owned, democratic farms, enslave those farmers with masters who pay minimum wage, cramped facilities with tortured animals, and all that chemical bullshit hurts the Earth we live on, so why even have?

    Americans have the worst obesity rates, and disease, it's time to do the right thing and make a health change that's better for us, the animals, and the earth!

  • The reason you don't find studies of 'organic' pesticides showing harm is because the studies aren't done. Synthetic pesticides go through a battery of safety testing before they are allowed to be used whereas the 'natural' ones used in organic farming don't need to pass any testing.

    I've said it once and I'll say it again; you present a floor swept by Occam's Broom.

  • I hear the same propaganda over and over. BT thuingus is so harmless it is sprayed on organic crops. What a miss leading statement! The BT thuringus is sprayed on organic crops but late in the afternoon, then when the sun comes up it is killed by the sun shine. The BT toxin is on the inside of the GMO crop and no one ever checked to see if it can survive our stomach acids. So now it's in our blood and no one knows if it will cause damage or not, and the chemical companies don't want any reseach on it either. So we are all lab experiments for the rest of our lives, only time will tell if BT toxins eat holes in our guts. Which is what some scientists are saying is happeneng to us, but who cares Monsatan is getting rich!

    GMO crops are also rich in Glyphosate, which is harmless to humans, so Monsatan says. The thing they don't tell you is your gut bacteria is being killed or made very sick from eating GMO's with glyphosate. Your gut bacteria is the first line of defence in your immune system. No good bacteria the bad like BT toxins are allowed to flourish and blow holes in the gut. This can cause an allergic reation to foods, oh is this why allergy clinics are poping up every where?

  • the the crop eater wormey thing was killed by sparying the parasodial crystal inside the bacillus T bacterim why did we need to change that buy putting the crystal inside the corn that i eat? or dont eat because corn was the cause of cancer for thousands of years. Corn is not a human food. it cannot be eaten raw without shitting all over the place.  Raw corn is a natural irritant. Until cooking was invented corn was the food of birds. Now machines cook it sometime 24 hours to pre digest it and vomit it up for man to eat. you people are crazy.

  • 0:39 – Great video about the usefulness of psychological tests I would say! 😉

    There is a very good book that just came out called "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth" by Steven Druker that traced the GMO food industry in a meticulous way from the 70's to the present day. It is step by step discussion backed up with facts and footnotes about how the GMO industry operates.

    This BT toxin has been in particular a failure. It has created insects that are resistant to the toxic, and as well when crops are plowed under they toxin biodegrades much slower and so lingers around in the soil to increase its concentration.

    Now, the BT bacteria is less useful in agriculture, so the GMO crops with BT in them have actually done harm. Not to mention that when they make a GMO food it changes what the cell produces, and no real tests on done to make sure these foods are safe.

    The law since the 1950's says that ANY NEW food is to be considered unsafe unless it is tested and ensured it is safe, but the FDA flaunted its own rules and lets GMO crops routinely into the environment and the marketplace that have not been tested.

    These crops in general in the medium and long term have no net positive effect and in case of something like BT have a negative one for the whole world in some cases when they breed super-pests or poison the soil.

  • Hi, i'm a student, and where i live in canada all we have around here is walmart,sobeys, and superstore. How can i make sure i get healthy clean fruits and veggies? are conventional that bad for health?

  • its now been proven to cause infertility and many other extremely serious issues. population control is a thing, do you think this was by accident? don't believe me? please look it up.

  • Organic food is still sprayed with pesticide???? A substance which kills things…and we still consume that…how is that organic? Oh, oh, it's the non-toxic killing pesticide!!! haha So, why do we pay a ridiculous amount of money for organic again????? Marketing!!!!!! I live in hope that one, one day, the government will actually help the people!!!

  • It isn't BT I worry about. I'm an organic farmer, and I use BT all the time, even on cabbage and broccoli. The label on the BT says to keep it in a cool place. Heat DESTROYS BT! It is broken down in sunlight, washes away, and lives naturally in soil. Since most corn is cooked, I doubt it can live in the kernels. What troubles me, is the insane use of glyphosate on wheat and oats!

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