Are Cannabis Edibles Safe?


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  • phytocannabinoids ( active cannabis molecules) are not active in the area you breath from… they do not suppress pulmonary function @ all like opioids do … phytocannabinoids are actually bronchodilators, they increase the ability to breath even if you eat them and do not smoke or vape them. where these specific to cannabis compounds are active, – the cells in your body that maintain homeostasis . cannabinoids are used in cells as signals. they message communication that maintains homeostasis . this is the purpose of your endocanabinoid system

  • Very informative video. We are definitely in favor of edibles as a way to consume cannabis. When properly dosed, this method delivers a desired effect that will last much longer then when smoked. It is really important to start with small doses until you are familiar and comfortable with the effects. Especially if you are consuming homemade edibles, which can vary in potency.

  • How much pot did they put in a cookie for one person to kill themselves because of it? I mean people kill themselves in all different ways. Just because one eats a cookie before doing it, does it mean it's the cookies fault?

  • First of all cannabis is not dangerous. There is no conceivable way you can ingest inhale or otherwise cannabis and its natural form to create any harm to the body. Secondly, just because we have a lack of personal responsibility in this country doesn't give our lawmakers the right to restrict our access to something.

  • They have cannabis oil . A syringe is provided and you put the dose you want under your tongue. It takes about a half hour to kick in rather than 2 hours + for edibles. You can only blame yourself for an overdose then.

  • Totally disappointed in this. I was hoping for comment on the effects of ingesting for adults who aren't dogs and aren't children and aren't taking their cannabis in weird ways. I have lots of senior citizen friends who use to minimize their need for their prescribed opioids for pain, or who use edibles for other reasons. Please address that….assume only health related discussion when reasonable doses by responsible adults, taking only medibles.

  • I can't have edibles that I don't make myself because I get panic attacks, I find smoking much easier to control. Also I agree, you should be able to eat a whole cookie.

  • "Thankfully there have been no marijuana deaths of children."

    Sorry, but that's just not possible. They'd basically have to eat hash oil. Anecdotal claims are simply pure bullshit. There is no credible case of it ever happening, in humans of any age. I'll guarantee you the anecdotes are either just lies, or people who were on other substances. Then there are the people who are already psychotic, and blaming pot.

  • What makes my skin crawl and my blood go cold is that none of the doctors are talking about all the pesticides, herbicides, and toxic chemicals that are causing horrible illnesses. I couldn't even get a doctor to test me for poisoning and I had proof that I was poisoned. I went to two doctors, the ER, an oral specialist, and two dentists and they ignored everything I told them and when I presented proof they basically kicked me out. Every one of them treated me with anti biotics and probiotics but none of them tested me for poison. It has been over a year and I am down a good tooth but still suffer in agonizing pain every day. They have been doing the same thing to me for years over skin parasites and I know for a fact that they blame cannabis for what they call "CHS" but never test patients for toxicity or take a cannabinoid count. You are the parasites.

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