Are Acid Blocking Drugs Safe?


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  • Thank God for these drugs! I had erosive gastritis and very bad GERD, almost an ulcer, due to excessive NSAID use. Nexium helped get through it. I've since weaned myself off them. They were never designed for long term use.

  • I recently began bleeding internally from a stomach ulcer, although I had no warning I had one. I am a surviving cancer patient of 7 plus years. The doctors didn't seem surprised by this occurrence. Thet has just prescribed PROTINIX ,which is prescription grade Prilosec. I didnt like it seemed ro make my stomach hurt more. I had two separate HIPEC Infusions a few years ago before to kill the numerous cancerous tumors in my GI. I would guess heated chemo at 110 degrees flushes directly into the stomach and organs may cause some future problems. I've never been the same as far as eating. I am like an IBS patient. Chronic fatigue diarrhea upset stomach
    But I am alive and able to be here for my family.
    Doctors mean well but only know what Western medicine has indoctrinated them into. That's why everyone eventually dies because of treatment not usually cancer. And they won't stop because it's all they know and BIG PHARMA is in charge. 😖

  • Can confirm that PPI have bad long-term side effects. After 18 years of PPI use, my bones got brittle and I had my first bone fracture. Have been treating my EOE with an elimination diet for the last 3 years instead.

  • I have Barretts and are on PPIs. My dad died from esophageal cancer. Should I get off the PPI's? Esophageal cancer is a horrific death and I am very fearful to get off these meds. Been vegetarian most of my life, vegan and WFPB this past year.

  • I have Barrett's Esophagus – how do I heal that and get off of Prilosec? I've been taking it since 1995, with just a few periods of time where I was able to get off.

  • I don't have health insurance so I don't know what's wrong with me but whenever I don't take nexium I have extreme nausea after eating. I think it might be acid reflux and even gastroparesis but I have no idea. So, kinda have to take these just to eat…

  • Sodium bicarbonate + hydrochloric acid = salt + water + carbon dioxide, even water is toxic at higher amounts. Sodium bicarbonate it is 🙂

  • Interesting, I've been on dexilant for a few years and would like to ditch it by weaning off but I find it pretty tough. It's also not easy having low stomach acid and trying to embrace a high fiber diet but I'm sure you're right these things aren't helpful long term. Just keep trying, I guess.

  • Dr Greger failed to point out that with long term use it is also well documented that they cause B12 deficiency due to reducing acid ergo not being able to absorb the vitamin from the diet. This causes damage to nerves (as B12 is needed for healthy nerves and the deficiency causes de-mylenation, similar to MS). This also effects the brain and is associated with higher risk of dementia/Parkinson's etc due to atrophy/brain shrinkage

    UK guidelines state this clearly yet drs prescribe these like candy (I am a nurse and also have B12 deficiency). The older you get the less stomach acid you have and these make it worse. Very worrying and not monitored

  • if you have acid reflux most likily you have something stuck to your stomach. your stomach can sense theres food stuck and it produces more acid thinking you ate something. either drink some water and shake your belly really hard, or buy oxy powder (ten bucks that can mostly clean your whole digestive system)

  • If you eat a vegan diet you shouldn't need to use any antacid pills anyway because your diet is more alkaline ! These pills reduce your stomach acid when you should be increasing it by taking more betaine HCL .

  • The problem is that people and their doctors have have stopped asking *why*.

    Instead of taking a pill for a symptom, folks should start asking why they have the symptoms in the first place.

    I had h pylor (likely caused by lead poisoning that blocked nutrients from absorbing)i, which surely caused my heartburn and numerous other nightmarish symptoms which are resolving with therapeutic doses of vitamins. Had I listened to medical doctors, I would have been on myriad pharmaceuticals.

    Unfortunately, my family member wasn't so fortunate. She trusted her doctor and developed osteoporosis, colon cancer, and now has advanced dementia, also from living next to a gun club shooting lead pellets. She took PPI's continually for relief.

    Also, drinking lead tainted water added to the mix. It's horrifying.

  • Thank you very much. I am from the UK. I had terrible acid reflux when I had a bad diet and smoked. I was prescribed Lansoprazole (must be for 5 years now). Now that I eat a mostly WFPB diet and have stopped smoking my symptoms have mostly disappeared. Only appearing when I have eaten processed, highly refined, alcohol and animal food. I now avoid these.

    I have been off Lansoprazole for almost a month now and I feel much better. I had heard via an internet conference that PPIs affect B12 absorption. I do not know how true this is. Yet I know that a review of these medications is long overdue. In the UK I know a lot of people that have been prescribed PPIs and they have no idea of the possible side affects. Dr Greger – you are FAB 🙂

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