Apple Cider Vinegar “Challenge”

This is a “CHALLEGE” like all other Challenges on Youtube its for FUN! like the Cinnamon Challenge, or Tequila Shots Challenge, or Baby Food Challenge, etc… except we created this challenge to also send of a message. **ACV is meant to be Diluted in water first but for this video challenge ONLY…. we did it without water & diluting as if were drinking LIQUOR!

“If we can harm our bodies with alcohol poisoning then we can drink something that’s actually beneficial to our body (without the toxic chemicals)” 1 day just 1 time. That is the point of this video! Apple Cider Vinegar has so many health benefits but today were turning this into a challenge for you all. Its all Just for Fun & Entertainment. WE DO NOT DO THIS DAILY. THIS WAS THE !ST TIME EVER its a challenge that’s all. The Risk in drinking ACV is nowhere near Harmful like drinking Alcohol. I’d rather have a soar throat for 3 minutes than Damaged Liver from Alcohol.

— We only made it to 2 shots of Apple Cider Vinegar :/ but hopefully you can do better than I did! Can you!??! let me know how you did in a video response =)

**** Rules ****
1. Take shots of Apple Cider Vinegar (1 shot at a time) 1 after the other
2. NO WATER – until you feel you cant take anymore.

** Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar ** available at any Health food store or Whole Foods
Water Bottle is from Whole Foods

How Many Shots can you take?? (Video Response) below

Apple Cider Vinegar will burn going down due to the acidity. ACV is meant to be taken diluted in water but Just for this challenge we decided to take ACV pure non diluted. For those of you that drink Tequila, Vodka, Rum, or any liquor.. that’s harmful for your body, you should have NO negative comment on this video because ACV is nowhere near harmful like Alcohol. Thats the point of the video. But its also for fun without having a hangover or damaged liver. Don’t do this challenge if you have a type of condition that cannot take ACV.


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