Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer


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  • Try lemon. That simple. I thought it was crazy too but it works even in the most intense activities. Take a fresh lemon cut it in half and squeeze it while rubbing it under your arm. Just don't use it directly after shaving because it could burn. Either wait an hour or shave with an electric razor.

  • well Dr. Greger, you just saved my life, because I shave and then apply Dove antiperspirant all the time. I recently stopped using antiperspirant because since I've started eating whole plant foods instead of animal products I find I don't stink! 🙂

    True about antiperspirant, bacteria, needing more to rid smell. I stopped using antiperspirant and it took a while however no smell. When I exercise and sweat, doesn't smell bad. Good diet lifestyle helps what smell comes through pores too. I've had laser hair removal, haven't shaved my underarms in years. My armpits are like a hairless Chihuahua… that and other parts lol

  • I ended up with razor burn under my arm that turned into a rash, that traveled to my other pit. I couldn't wear deodorant at all for a week, and only natural after for a while. At first, I smelled, but after two weeks (unless after work out/before shower in summer) i barely had a smell. Thought I had just gotten used to myself, but hubby commented on it too.

  • My bulletproof home deo:
    1. after bath, apply apple cider vinegar to cotton pad and rub under pits. Will BURN if recently shaved (I've gotten used to it).
    2. after acv is dry, apply VERY thin layer of coconut oil, your pits shouldn't feel oily (I usually apply body lotion right after this step)
    3. small pinch of baking soda rubbed over fingertips and applied to underarms

    ACV kills odor causing bacteria. coconut oil is antibacterial, but also serves to moisturize and create a thin 'barrier'. baking soda keeps you dry. Expensive to start, BUT these ingredients last forever. Expect a period of detoxing during the first 2-4 weeks. Also if worried about something going wrong, try it out when you don't have to go anywhere (; Keep tiny vial of baking soda and scrubbing rag on hand if worried for stinky emergency.

  • I've found that epilating the armpits and just washing them every day + maybe spray on a little natural body mist I like works wonders. If I one day suddenly do use the deodorant I have, I feel like I start smelling! Epilating is so great cause I only have to do it every 1-2 weeks😁 Hurts in the beginning but you get over it pretty soon😊

  • Of course, most people also don't interpret 'do not use on broken skin' to mean 'do not use on shaved skin'. Most people I have known, have always interpreted 'broken skin' to mean skin that was actually cut, or punctured, and/or bleeding.

  • or was it that girls had underarm hair sooner bcz of the chemiclas in foods, so had to shave earlier, and use antipersp earlier?  led to longer exposure to estrogens, thus hugher rates of cancers?

  • This is what I recommend: Only hang with people who are not brainwashed and don't mind you smelling like a human. The billion dollar deodorant industry are laughing their way to the banks. We smell like humans, that's what we are. We are animals. Stop pretending like we are not you meat eating hypocrites.

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