Anti-inflammatory Life is a Bowl of Cherries


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  • Dear honored doctor,
    How many fresh sweet bing cherries would it take to equal 1 dose of ibuprofen? Let's say, 200mg of ibuprofen to Xg of bing cherries?
    If a bing cherry is 8g, how many cherries would = 200mg of ibuprofen?
    Ahh… please tell me if this calculation is correct dear, kind, good doctor:
    100g of bing cherries = 86.6mg of anthocyanin (fresh flesh+skin)
    1g of bing = .866mg anthocyanin
    0.866mg*X = 200mg (X = grams of bing)
    200/0.866 = X
    230.947 = X
    ~231 grams of bing cherries = 200mg of anthocyanin
    1 bing = 8g,  8g*X = 231g => => ~29 cherries = 200mg of anthocyanin
    Eating 29 fresh bing cherries should produce an equivalent pain relief as a normal does of ibuprofen pill BUT without letting our body digest its own stomach and intestines.
    What do you think?

    8g of 1 bing might include mass of pit, which in normal cases will not be consumed and therefore changes the # of bing to equal 200mg anthocyanin.
    If so, a new calculation would be necessary, but I don't think the pit is more than 15% of the cherry weight, so,
    29 bing is accurate to a +15% rate of error (dependent on pit mass data)
    29 might be good, but 34 will certainly give 200mg of anthocyanin to your blood cells.
    Please let me know what you think about the calculation. Thank you for all that you do.

  • I don't know if eating anything that inhibits Cox-1 regardless of anti-inflammatory benefits, is good. If advil's removal of Cox-1 can harm people, wouldn't cherry's removal of Cox-1 also be bad, just on a smaller scale?
    If just choose to bear with the over abundance of Cox 2, would I just have to deal with pain? My pain tolerance is very strong.

  • I'm outraged that the dangers of NSAID's is not widely advised by MD's and the companies that distribute them. Another FDA/ Big Pharma "un-advertised special".

  • I suffer from the occasional gout attack and take  2 x 200mg Ibuprofen for relief. Should I always take it with food to help protect my stomach? What type of food? Does it work by reducing the crystals in my joints or does it just relieve the pain? I will start buying frozen cherries if I can as the fresh ones are seasonal and very expensive. Thank you for the info.

  • Great information, I have actually been suffering from digestive problems and found cherries to be very helpful. Do you think concentrated cherry juice would have some effect on cox-2 as well? I am hoping to use it through out the winter. Also this got me thinking about garlic, which I have heard acts like Nsaids.. do you know how much garlic inhibits cox-1 and 2?

  • The good old days! When I was a kid, use to clime up the Cherry trees with friends and eat so much cherry I barely can clime down, belly was so full, my lips bluish red from the fruit.

  • How many cherries would a person have to eat to have the anti inflammatory properties of an 800mg ibuprofen exactly? Thanks! Loved the video!

  • I hope you don't mind me posting the link to this video in a fb group for a particular health problem. I would love to know how many cherries are equivalent to 800mg advil. Thanks!

  • A Dr. I went to once told me to take Aleve for a non-serious back injury when I was younger. Against my own judgement I took some and I suffered from IBS-like symptoms for about 2 months afterwards. Never again!

    Doctors are obligated to educate themselves about better alternatives to archaic NSAIDS. The lack of respect our society has for the natural world is causing a lot of the disease of modernity.

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