Anti-inflammatory Diet for Depression


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  • Highly recommend you rethink this video. I'm with most of the data Greger puts out, but not this one. And shame on people who bypass the science on this most serious topic. It is a leading cause of death especially for the younger peeps out there. So, lets get our heads out of the fruit garden for a moment…Preventative interventions (NOT DIET) are effective treatments. You should encourage that, before promoting diet which you should do secondarily. If preventative measures were not effective, then, we can say its all the diet. And I'm not including drugs as part of that!!! Its also hard to debate that inflammation is a consequence of the depression. Its a fact that depression causes immune issues. As for immune challenges, endotoxin is of limited use. Its better to find data relating to pathogens infecting or even alleregens, and resulting depression, such as

    You will see its not so simple as 'diet.' The article also suggests that Japanese and Inuits who have Omega-3 from seafood may explain lower rates of inflammatory disease.
    More on diet and depression:, The take home message is jury is still out on things like mediterranean diet, but leaning towards benefits.

  • I suffered depression on and off my whole life, even as a baby. I have eaten a plant based diet for the past 11 years and for some reason now at 44 I don't get depression any more. I feel well balanced and happy all the time, I sleep well and feel very healthy and positive. My blood tests are great also. I don't like to go around saying it's because of my incredibly healthy plant based diet but I do wonder sometimes.

  • Thanks for a very interesting article, here are several tips on anti-inflammatory dietary supplements…
    Curcumin: Research has shown the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin to be as effective as some pharmaceuticals, but without the negative effect of toxicity. This powerful antioxidant also supports joint health and cardiovascular function.
    Resveratrol: This extract found in red-wine helps to quell inflammation, regulate the malfunctioning immune response, and defend you against cancer.
    Omega-3: Omega-3 fatty acids inhibit an enzyme called cyclooxygenase (COX), which triggers inflammation. Our fish oil is designed using emulsification technology that enhances absorption by the body.
    (I learned these and why they work on Mackyns Nature Guard website )

  • I had mild depression before going vegan and now, 3 years on, it's pretty much gone. I don't remember when the change happened and I did notice my mood stabilized and I had more energy. Nothing else inmy life changed but somehow I felt the return of hope.

  • Positive associations
      Sugar-sweetened soft drinks 0.39*** 0.05*** 0.09*** 0.08***
      Refined grainsc 0.36*** 0.04** 0.08*** 0.08***
      Red meat 0.33*** 0.01 0.07*** 0.09***
      Margarine 0.26*** 0.04* 0.04** 0.06***
      Diet soft drinks 0.23*** 0.01 0.05** 0.06***
      Other vegetablesd 0.10** 0.01 −0.001 0.04**
      Fish 0.06*** 0.0003 −0.02 0.04**
     Negative associations
      Wine −0.48*** −0.10*** −0.07*** −0.10***
      Coffeee −0.45*** −0.08*** −0.06*** −0.10***
      Olive oil −0.23*** −0.04** −0.05** −0.04**
      Green, leafy vegetablesf −0.21*** −0.05*** −0.05*** −0.02
      Yellow vegetablesg −0.15*** −0.03* −0.05*** −0.004

    In other words carbs are the major culprits if you actually bother to read the damn article rather than listen to the propaganda

  • At 3:57 he only shows the part of the table where fish is seen to have a positive association with CRP (inflammation) while completely cropping out vegetables which also have the exact same association of 0.04… (scroll down to Table 1). It is one thing to only include studies that support your claims, but it is another thing to pick and chose findings from a single study while ignoring others that are equally as important. Cherry picking at its finest. By the way, I am not against a plant based diet, in fact I think we should all base our diets around plants. However, if you look at the totality of evidence for and against fish consumption, it is quite obvious that fish is an important part of the diet, and more people should be eating seafood, especially in populations where red meat consumption is high. I think skewing results from studies to demonise fish is without a doubt going to do people harm from a health standpoint – I wouldn't take this video too seriously.

  • So true. I have worked out for myself over years that my depressive and anxiety episodes are strongly linked to my allergies. Worst allergies are tree pollen in February and fungal spores in autumn. Symptoms are relieved by taking an additional anti histamine. There are many neurotransmitters including histamine so lm wondering if the allergies directly affect the amount of histamine in the brain thus causing my symptoms. I have gone vegan these last few months so hopefully matters will improve but l was persuaded to eat fish the other day which l ate out of politeness. I then had a nasty bout of symptoms. Thanks to Dr Gregor for this information.

  • Well I can say, I only ate the bare minimum of fruit and veg throughout my twenties and thirties, along with high sugar, a lot of processed food along with meat, salt and alcohol and i suffered long bouts of depression and melancholy for most of those two decades.

  • I don't buy this. Optimal nutrition must include some animal protein preferably from fish, grass fed beef and organ meat. Also, my own personal experience is evidence enough to me that 2 grams a day of EPA (an omega 3) work better at treating depression than the ssri's and snri's currently on the market. Where did I get the idea to take EPA to treat depression? Books and the internet. For example: and

    Veganism and Vegetarianism will not give a person optimal nutrition. Optimal nutrition has to include eating within an eight hour window every 24 hours when not fasting (fasting meaning not eating for longer than the 15 hour fast you should be getting every 24 hours), keeping your omega 6 to omega 3 ration between 1:1 and 4:1, eating only as much protein as you need, keeping your carbohydrate intake relatively low (that means getting your 20 – 150 grams of carbohydrates almost entirely from vegetables and never eating grains or legumes) and including 4 or 5 tablespoons of coconut oil a day preferably taken prior to meals (to reduce insulin response).

  • This is why I will always recommend a plant based diet. After suffering from depression for over 10 years it just disappeared on a vegan diet and I've never been more happy it's been three years and I'm still amazed everyday.

  • When I was healing from lyme disease I would go through periods where I felt worse even though I was getting better. My whole body would hurt and I would feel tired as the lyme bacteria died off and released toxins. I also went through a period of feeling really depressed. Now it makes sense. I knew I felt better when I exercised, but being sick prevented it. That was a very difficult rut to get out of.

  • you know, you might have some good… even great info to share. I cannot get past your bothersome, highly-distracting tone of voice, phrasing of speech, however, to actually listen to you for more than 20 seconds…

  • The author is only presenting one side of the argument here and probably has too black and white a story regarding antioxidants and free radicals. The latest science is showing that an important process called hormesis is vital to life and that free radical challenges to the body are vital to the quality and quantity of mitochondria in the body. Please think more deeply about these issues before presenting studies that fit your preconceptions about how diet “should be.” Some animal protein – particularly a pescatarian diet – is linked to longevity in the blue zone populations. This is not mentioned here. Again, please do your homework. Thanks.

  • Definitely an interesting Video. I have been going vegan off and on, and it is so evidently clear that veganism is the way to go. I suffer from crippling anxiety and I know the link between gut and brain health is strong. Would be interesting if you did a video on anxiety and the Gut Microbiome

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