Anti-Angiogenesis: Cutting Off Tumor Supply Lines


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  • I'm a looong time vegeterian, over 25 years, I have cancer. Healthy and not taking any meds, then CANCER! What from? Pesticides! Sprayed on your veggies and runs off into your water. So, It's not only on your food, but in your water. Buy Organic? how can you be sure that what your purchasing has not been contaminated? Filter your water? Filters don't remove most chemicals, they are primarily designed to remove Chlorine. Good Luck and good health

  • What pesticide? Carcinogens usually don't do anything, but they can increase the risk of getting cancer in a small portion of a population. The cancer was probably caused by something else, statistically. I'm sorry and I hope you get well.

  • I'm sorry that you have cancer, too, Cloudso White. And I'm very interested in everything you have to say about it. Pesticides and toxic exposure are a huge risk. Are you vegan now? I pray you get well immediately.

  • Cheese, eggs, and honey. I've tried being Vegan, but I love Italian foods to much.. ravoli, eggplant parmesan and so forth. So, mostly cheese, few eggs and the occasional honey in tea. But absolutely no flesh of any kind.

  • No they don't block muscle building. Hes shown that in other lectures. Actually vegan diet with enough calories can build lean muscle without being laced with fat. Pound for pound you'll be superhuman.

  • a low fat approach may be what you need to study–many vegetarians still consuming dairy are still 'turning on' or expressing cancer through high levels of animal proteins like casein—also a high fat diet is problematic no matter what dietary choices you are making—many folks think they are not eating a high fat diet until they investigate further—I hope you will be well soon…!

  • All this research sounds encouraging but in reality it alot harder and practically impossible to stop angiogenesis. Cancer tumor Recuit Macrophage 2 to secrete the VEGF, and VEGF is naturally secreted when you incurred injury to your blood vessel, which helps to Form NEW blood vessels……so it a natural healing process that cancer cells is exploiting for its growth. After all it your OWN GENES in your OWN CANCER CELL.

  • Google "Phoenix Tears/ Rick Simpson", from what I understand it makes the cancer cells consume themselves because they are starved. I think the worst thing about the whole system are laws and profits. Sometimes you have to travel to another country to get a proper treatment. Doctor's hands are tied by what their system says the doctor should do not what the doctor thinks they should do. I think everyone here knows the first words out of their mouth are chemo or surgery. Don't get me wrong sometimes this is the only option but it is a deadly Gamble. I feel that if there is time permitting a person should have the choice to search out what type of treatment they want and be able to choose for them self. Lost my grandfather to chemo 3 weeks after his first dose, he had lung cancer. The cancer would have probably outlived him

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