Animal Protein Compared to Cigarette Smoking


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  • The Speculator The muscles are all show but no go. studies show that men who eat meat have more trouble getting it up and even have lower testosterone then vegans. you will be growing man boobs due to increase in estrogen levels and yes, breast cancer and prostate cancer risks skyrocket.

  • I know this is true but then why do I feel better when I include meat to my diet? When I go vegan, I end up with a combination of "vegan diarrhea" and numerous EXTREMELY URGENT bowel movements a day that make it necessary for me to plan my life around the question, "Is a bathroom very close by?" This can't possibly be healthy. When I add meat to my plant-BASED diet, my poop is perfect and my digestive tract is calm and happy.

  • but can't it just be the fact that vegans usually take better care of their overall health and wellbeing than people who eat meat. testing people who stuffed mcdonalds down their throat their whole life, not doing exercise and not taking care of their body will of course develop deseases more than people who are following a healthy lifestyle. so isn't it a risky comparison, saying the cancerrisk sinks by eating vegan when it could just be the whole package of exercising and eating healthily?
    just asking because I remember the fighting after it those cancer studys came out, everybody was saying it is bullshit, meat doesn't cause cancer, so I am wondering if meat and other animal products are the ACTUAL problem or if it is something else that vegans in general do or don't do.

  • But why does animal protein cause this? The amino acids are the same are they not? Doesn't cooking and digestion denature complex protein structures like IGF-1. What is this mysterious cancer and inflammation causing miasma you link to all animal products?

  • so there is vegetarians and there is meat eaters??!!! Not a single person eats meats which means there is no such thing as meat based diet !! and you shouldn't compare meats dairies to veggies cuz obviously you need both. and having a balance based diet is the functional and normal way to live, especially when we have people who live in a Desert based or Ice based countries.

  • It is not at all like saying 'might as well get stabbed because its better than getting shot'… How illogical can you be to even say that. Death is unavoidable.
    Death is a constant and EVERYONE will face it. Who truly wants to live until they are 100? Few people do live that long, and its not just based off of their protein consumption/vegetarian/vegan based diet… it's based around physical activity levels and MENTALITY+dealing with stress and heartbreak.

    It's inevitable… we all will die. Deal with it. Death is among us. Change is GOING to occur in our lives. We won't always be physically fit, even if we eat healthy forever and exercise properly forever. Yes, some things are 'healthier' than others to consume, but there are people who live to 100 and eat meat everyday, and people who live to be 80 who have a vegan diet… so whats to say that one lifestyle choice is any more or less harmful or 'better'than another?

    This sort of logic is like using that same analogy about the knife VS the gun…. For example its like saying… '80% of boxers get dimensia or severe head issues when they are 65 years old compared to 60% of American Football players.'

    Well which is better? Well, looking at that stat you'd want to play American Football. Little does the information above about either sport inform you though, that American football players have a 90% higher risk than Boxers to get knee or hip replacements and a higher risk of getting a surgery on the shoulders.

    It's selective choice of sharing information. Live your life as you want to, don't NOT pursue a sport, don't NOT eat a piece of chicken, don't NOT eat a bowl of salad because 'a study proved it is healthier '/better for you. It's all relative to so many things we as the human race truly can't completely stand behind. Alot of this is all about ones beliefs, and having a belief system. These aren't whole heartedly OBJECTIVE truths just yet because so many other factors matter as well.

  • if bean consumption did not have the longevity impairing effects seen with meat and dairy consumption, shouldn't the thesis that the saturated fat is the culprit be lent a bit more scrutiny? Seems to me you're just glossing over it here. Amino-acid profile wise, protein from beans is not hugely different from animal protein. Just a bit less leucine and a bit more arginine.

  • So, since IGF-1R is the main cause of cancer(at least that is what this video implies), does that mean that if we eliminate meat and dairy, we get protected against other cancer-causing sources, such as cell phone radiation and smoke?

  • Valter Longo who was quoted in this video just did a lengthy interview with Rich Roll in which he said a vegan diet may be desirable but a pescatarian diet may even be better.

    He also mentioned that people over 65 may benefit from extra protein and fats even animal fats.

    The quote here makes it appear Longo supports the same view as Greger but he does not. You can find the podcast on Rich Roll's site.

    To his credit, Rich Roll who is a staunch vegan interviewed him in a reasonable manner unlike many vegans who shrilly attack anyone who doesn't agree with them 100%.

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