Amla vs. Drugs for Cholesterol, Inflammation, and Blood-Thinning


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  • Great Video and channel Dr. Gregger. I'm getting some Amla for sure. Reading your book inspired me to start my Vegan fountain of youth channel. Your story about your grandmother was so inspiring. I'm on three years of plant based eating. My energy is through the roof. I haven't had a cold in three years. Keep the great videos coming, and I will keep passing the information on.

  • When word of this becomes more common knowledge can expect the price of Amla to go up and the pharmaceutical demanding it be removed from the marketplace because it's cutting into their profits.

  • I have two gooseberry bushes which got weedwacked off last summer. UGH, it will take another two years to get them large enough to produce some berries….again. I do, however have a huge patch of black currants which i make jelly from and also keep some frozen to put into my oatmeal several times a week. I guess those and the wild harvested blueberries I also gather will have to do for my phyto-nutrient kick, for now.

  • funded by India… also "snake venom cure" and "hair tonic"… good as a car wax too? Appreciate that Dr.Greger makes this known. I will wait for a non-interested research team puts this data to the test. I will stick to confirmed data: eating whole plants is good for you.

  • Dr Gregor – first of all thanks for this and all your other great videos. Really appreciate the research you do and providing the information to us. I'm reading you book and learning new recipes from the How Not to Die Cookbook. Great resources. Now a question. Following knee surgery in October 2016 I developed a DVT in the same leg where I had the surgery. My surgeon recommended Xarelto. Some research indicated that 3-4 months treatment should be sufficient so I discontinued the drug. After that i developed another DVT in my other leg (the one that was not operated on). The surgeon believes this could have been from doing leg lifts that that leg under my surgical leg or wearing compression socks that did not come up above my knee. My physician referred me to a Hematologist. She did a zillion blood tests which all came back normal – so I have no hereditary reason to develop blood clots. But the Hematologist recommended staying on the Xarelto (blood thinner) for the rest of my life. I really don't want to be on the medicine. Over the past six months, I've eliminated sugar from my diet and switched to nearly 100% plant based diet. I am now seeing these videos about Amla and Tumeric and wondering is it possible a plant based diet could allow me to get off of this blood thinner medicine. I plan to talk with one of the doctors in my area referred from your website. But I also so on the website to ask a question via one of your videos, so I am hopeful that you might be able to provide some insight. I also figure there might be others dealing with the same issues. On the bright side, if I were on warfarin instead of Xarelto, I don't think I could even eat a plant based diet because the greens would interfere with the medicine. Now isn't that ironic, that the very diet needed to control your health could not be possible because of a medicine to control your health. Ugh! Thanks.

  • This is why we need govt funding of medical research instead of relying on pharma companies.

    Heh. America. What a sad dystopia of capitalism we have become.

  • Hello everyone, i eat to much sugar actually lots of it and no fat, im vegan fruit and vegetables is my life, did my bloodtest and sugar is low but cholesterol is sky high, how come? I dont get it isnt it supposed to be other way around? Pls help dr Gregger

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