Aluminum in Vaccines vs. Food


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  • These values are based on typical usage and its mass? Then it is an unfair comparison- injecting aluminum hydroxide into your bloodstream I would be far more worried about it passing the blood brain barrier from an injection then swabbing it on my armpit.

  • Nice video unfortunatly you didn't even mention that Aluminum being injested vs. Aluminum injected. Are two completely different outcomes. I am all for protecting our kids and I agree that cheese should be avoided to a point for sure. But the amount of aluminum in VACCINES is FAR WORSE than it is in cheese and stays in the system much longer unlike cheese which passed thru rather quickly.

  • Hey all. Here's a great resource to start you off: Goto

    Page 50 or so starts with the comparisons. I'd say Pancake mix>processed cheese>cheese.

  • I don' think it is accurate to compare the aluminium in cheese as being just as harmful as that in vaccines: injecting something into your blood stream, which bypasses your body's organs that deal with filtering toxins (the skin, digestive tract, kidneys) is far worse than ingesting it. 

  • As I'm sure you were taught in Med school, your intestines do a pretty good job of keeping toxins and non-nutrients from absorbing through the lacteals in the intestinal walls, resulting in non-nutritional substances to pass all the way through the digestive system and out the other end. Injecting aluminum containing vaccines bypasses all the body's protective mechanisms and exposes the bloodstream to this toxin and many toxins such as formaldehyde, msg as well as human diploid cells & animal cells & proteins (which can result in autoimmune diseases), and as seen in Alzheimer patients can accumulate in the brain as well as other organs and tissues. We should not be injecting anything into the bloodstream that has any kind of toxicity, The body tries it's hardest to prevent toxins from entering the blood. Let's not go against this intelligent, complex organism's design.

  • Digesting aluminium is far different than injecting it into your body. When you digest it, it is passed through the stool. When injected it lingers and has to be process through organs like your kidneys. Your kidneys are not built to handle the amounts of aluminium vaccines contain. They struggle. Example: if you swallow a nickel, your body will pass it completely through into your stool. The digestive tract is built to do this. So the comparison is far from the same thing.

  • this is crap, injecting aluminium and lead and mercury directly into the blood with a vaccine doesn't require very high levels to go through the blood brain barrier sending neuro toxins straight to the brain

    never seen somebody turn autisitic overnight eating cheese, but plenty of parents saw their child change overnight after a jab

    these researchers obviously trying to hide the danger of vaccines

    on the other hand eating toxic requires the toxins to get through the gut wall first then the blood brain barrier

    furthermore certain cheeses are fermented and have good bacteria in them

    we all need to eat sauerkraut, homemade yoghurt and fermented cheese and our natural immunity will look after us

  • Muscle retention of aluminum injected into the muscle causing slower elimination vs food consumption. Any comparison studies? Food has a chance to have a binder to prevent absorption. Any hope for muscle injection (vaccines)?

  • So from that last part, it sounds like typical melting cheeses are the main culprits(cheese slices, mozzarella, etc.). What about the older cheeses that weren't meant for melting, are they full of added aluminum as well?

  • I am aware of often massive disparities between food quality in the UK and America that in all likelihood will evaporate due to toxic trade deals in the future. But for now can you let me know if aluminum salt is something the UK cheese industry uses?

  • Vaccine'a aluminum blood- concentration is low, WHY? Because it leaves the blood and stays in the brain. Come on, Dr Greger. This vaccine defense is inconsistent with you good work.

  • I'm asking out of genuine curiosity and ignorance; if vaccines cause autism, why do millions of people get vaccinated every year but don't become autistic? and how do kids who have never been vaccinated become autistic?

  • Does this chart show hoe much aluminium is in the products or how much we absorb? absorbtion rate of aluminium in food is about 1%

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