Algae-Based DHA vs. Flax


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  • @mvandervert9 Excellent question! All the algae-oil omega-3 supplements currently on the market are made from phytoplankton that are in an entirely different biological kingdom than the blue-green algae known to produce toxins (such as spirulina, detailed on nutritionfacts. org when you search 'blue green algae'.

  • Andrew doesn't allow comments on his website and has been caught dealing out a lot of misinformation. Unfortunately, he has too many articles to debunk, so it's best to avoid the site completely.

  • Nope, I'm a 14+ year vegan who did 80/10/10 for almost a year before I had to stop because it was harming my health. After doing real research, I found out that the people promoting 100% raw food aren't using science to back up their claims and merely want the title "raw foodists"… there's no reason at all to be 100% raw and it offers zero benefits over a healthy, whole-food, plant-based diet with cooked food.

  • Okay, fair enough. What do you think is lacking in raw foods that is available in cooked foods though? I'm personally all for a healthy cooked food 80/10/10 diet too, by the way, depending on personal preference. Doctors including Dr.Greger, Dr.McDougall, Dr.Esselstyn and Dr.Neal Barnard promote high carb, low fat (80/10/10) too, along with sports nutritionists, cancer specialists, heart disease specialists and diabetes specialists. Peace 🙂

  • If you follow Dr. Gregers video's, you'll see a few regarding raw food and how they aren't absorbed as well as cooked – absorption is EVERYTHING when it comes to nutrition. That, along with the fact that more than half the population can't eat a lot of fructose or can't absorb a lot of fructose at one time, means that a raw foodists has to consume way more calories than they should – which leads to other problems. There's no just good reason to force 100% raw… cont…

  • But nutrient absorption is just a small part of it… the people who promote raw foodism use pseudoscience or anecdotes to back up their claims. 100% raw food diets are also far too expensive, require far too much transportation, not adequate for all life stages (a regular vegan diet is) and is impractical for most people. Again, there's simply no real benefit to go 100% raw. Most raw foodists do it only for the title and go through unnecessary restrictions (i.e. some exclude garlic)…

  • There are many types of raw food diet, and increased lycopene jntake through cooking isn't necessary. It isn't a fact that more than half the population can't eat a lot of fructose or absorb a lot of fructose at one time, but problems can occur with poor food combining, a high fat inake, non-sensible bedtimes, stress, low B12 / D, seen in people on all food intakes. etc.

  • It's way more than lycopene… but the point is, there's no reason to deal with those shortcomings on 100% raw… just adding a little cooked food makes a huge difference. There's absolutely nothing wrong with steamed kale (you absorb way more nutrients), steamed sweet potato (far more nutritious than bananas), steamed broccoli (breaks down the tough cellulose), etc… "food combining" is raw food pseudoscience, the stomach can process mixed meals.

  • It is suitable for all life stages. Excellent results, including overcoming mild and severe health issues, maintaining a slim physique, overcoming addictions, increased athletic performance / energy, increased feel-good etc are there to be seen. It may be expensive or impractical at times though, I agree with you. It sounds like you felt a lot of frustration on following it anyway. Peace

  • "It is suitable for all life stages." According to who??

    All those things you listed are anecdotal – there is no science behind any of those claims at all. "overcoming addictions"? Really, only 100% raw food can do this?

    And I loved it – at first – then my health rapidly declined. Having met a lot of others doing 80/10/10, David Wolfes diet, Dr. Cousens diet, etc. I knew of many people who suffered terribly with 100% raw. All problems which were dismissed or downplayed by others…

  • Cool on cooked veggies;sure 🙂
    Digestive issues can occur when eating fruit after cooked foods, because fruit digests more quickly than cooked food. Nuts and tougher to digest veggies can cause issues like bloating when eaten alongside fruits. Acid fruits and non-acid fruits eaten together can cause problems also. When fat is eaten alongside sugar, blood sugar levels rise. Dr. Neal Barnard shares the science on this (non-raw), therefore, fats need to be eaten separately to fruit/kept til supper.

  • Individually, foods break down at different rates, but if you understand how the stomach processes foods, then there's no reason to "food combine"…. it's pseudoscience. And Barnard doesn't recommend it, he says if it makes you feel better, go ahead (placebo…).

  • David Wolfe's diet and Cousens aren't based on science, unlike 80/10/10. There will always be people trying different food-styles. Commitment is necessary; people will always try for a short time and say it didn't work for them. However, there are many, many people whom it is working for and whom are thriving. Just a small fraction are shown on my channel and I need to update / add more. Many of these people have lost lots of weight and overcome addictions to junk food. This can happen with cook

  • Sorry, but 80/10/10 is not based on science. Doug has some pretty crazy ideas and none of them are backed by evidence (i.e. getting B12 from the AIR!) or women who lose their menstrual cycle is "normal"…

    "However, there are many, many people whom it is working for and whom are thriving." Unfortunately, it's a very small percentage of those who have tried and even they haven't done it long term. And many "raw foodists" actually do cheat on their diet – even Freelea is eating cooked food.

  • This can happen on healthy cooked food diets also, although it may be more difficult. For myself, my 'sweet tooth' is satisfied when I eat 80% of my caloric intake from sweet fruit, so that I was able to give up eating chocolate which I felt heavily addicted to, along with crisps / chips etc.
    It must have felt very frustrating to have encountered problems with it yourself. Peace

  • This is an interesting pro-vegan article, although many of us will have compromised absorption due to previous standard diet, or else we don't have access to freshly picked food. In his video at foodnsport, Doug Graham recommending doing your own experiment and taking a B12 sup to see if you feel better. I'm sure you know that people on all food intakes have issues with B12.
    libaware. economads. com/b12issue.
    debbietookrawforlife. blogspot.

  • There isn't any official definition of a raw fooder, so it may include someone who eats most of their calories from raw foods. Peace
    facebook. com/PlantBasedEvidencePaleoDiet?fref=ts

  • Again, Doug is wrong. His recommendation is to wait and see if you need to supplement, when we know 100% that you shouldn't wait because damage caused by B12 deficiency can be non-reversible. He says that because supplementing would destroy his "natural hygiene" philosophy.

    And the article about menstruation – anecdotal and very flawed. I'm not going to point out all the errors, I simply don't have time.

  • Did this video get cut off? After doing some research regarding the consequences of unbalanced ratios of omega 3 to 6, I'm going to start including omega 3 in my diet. Flax, chia or algae….? Which is best ? :o.

  • Beware if you are allergic to mold, spirulina etc, my son's and my eye balls starting twitching after taking dha from algae, when we stopped, the twitching went away, when we started again, it started.  My wife and his wife do not have the twitching eyeball issue from taking it.

  • This video is truncated. What happened to the rest of it?…. It just cuts out.

    I have one question:

    Is taking a smaller amount of algal oil better than taking none at all? I can't afford my normal capsules anymore, but I can spread them out. If anyone knows…

  • What about duckweed since we are on the topic of aquatic plants? I don't fance harvesting algae as I may end up growing a strain that has a neurotoxin in it.

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