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  • I'm going to ditch the amla powder and the white tea leaves and just go with the berries. If you increase the quantity of the berries, then amount of antioxidants will also increase. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries tend to be very expensive at my location. $2.50 for a container of conventionally grown strawberries/blueberries/blackberries/raspberries.

    For some reason, where I live, vegetables are cheaper than fruits. The fresh berries are usually highly priced year-round at $2.50/container. Pay more for organic berries. Worse, these may be foreign imported berries or bred for higher acidity, so they will taste more sour and less sweet. Either way, eating berries sucks. I'm going to go with vegetables. Vegetables are much cheaper than fruits here, and they are packed with nutrients.

  • Curious, does your body need that many antioxidants? I am thinking that your body rids itself of excess vitamins. Would it do the same for antioxidants as well or can your body use as many as you give it? Smoothies are delicious but i like to chew food as well to feel satiated.

  • So the answer is, blueberry pancakes! Incorporate a handful of blueberries into your pancakes, and heat up a half cup of berries in a small pot with a tiny bit of butter and maple syrup for just a couple of minutes, makes a great blueberry topping. Works with other berries too.

    I haven't tried pancakes with healthier flours (oatmeal, chia, flaxseed etc) but I imagine if you did those types of pancakes and incorporated berries, you'd end up with a pretty healthy and delish breakfast treat.

  • And yet you look pasty, gaunt and sick in every one of your videos – guess you need to do more research to figure out why that is. Before you dole out health advice, you must first exemplify the health you speak of —- you clearly don't.

  • Is it dangerous to get too much antioxidant? But do we really need that much antioxidant?
    As long as you're importing your antioxidants. from halfway around the world, you're still contributing to the destruction of the environment, which is contributing to your health risk factors. I say it's best to get your antioxidants from what you can grow. Blueberries can be grown throughout the U.S., but I've managed to kill blueberries in Tampa and Houston, even though I did give them some attention (not exactly green thumb level). In the Appalachian mountains, however, I could have sworn my blueberry plants were dying in the fall when I left, but came back in late spring and they were thriving. Anyway, people do grow lots of blueberries in Tampa and Houston, so you may just need to give them more attention, or else find another antioxidant that you can grow easier.

  • Do dried powdered goose berries really contain that much antioxidants, most studies are done on fresh berries so how do you know the dried powdered form still has the same antioxidant content?

  • is there an upper limit to the amount of anti-oxidants you can derive benefit from? I get the impression from these vids that it's really easy to meet your daily needs if you know which spices, fruits and vegetables to ingest.

  • I watched from a health short-documentary from the bbc that ingesting too much antioxidants (the example that they talk about were these popular antioxidant smoothies) makes your body low its antioxidants leves to compensate, resulting in lower antioxidant levels than the amount recommended in your body. They made the blood test and everything, I got quite convinced at the moment but now I feel all confused. Is the information from the bbc incorrect? Or is it just about something else?

  • I consistently drink water mixed in amla powder mixed with turmeric powder and black pepper. They have protective elements against pretty much every single disease you can think of. I suggest you do the same. If you find the taste too strong, add them to your smoothies (and I mean organic produce blended up)

  • I would like to ask for advice to anyone able to help me. I eat a breakfast after which I feel extremely exhausted and I feel hungry after only about 3 hours, despite it should be a healthy breakfast and it should hold longer. This breakfast meal is: In a bowl I put 5 spoons of oat flakes, 5 spoons of mixed cereals flakes, several raisins( these have fructose syrup unfortunately) , several walnuts, few almonds, several pumpkin seeds, a spoon of carob powder, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, tip of teaspoon of clove powder. In addition to these, grinded: a spoon of flax seeds, a spoon of chia seeds, a spoon of sesame seeds. On top I usually add a kiwi, an apple or some dates. All these I put in water about 30 minutes or more. So what do I do wrong? All the powders are too much? The fruits are not good in the morning? The fructose syrup from the raisins is so bad? Am I puting too much seeds? The ingredients do not combine properly? Would you like to give me some advice about this? Thanks in advance! 🙂

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