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  • If the higher fat, non vegan mediterranean diet can help so much, why aren't more going 100% plant based? If some greens are great, why not ALL out, all plant powered…

    The absurdity of our current food system and "health" care is hard to comprehend.

  • I am confused a bit on the best way to combat atherosclerosis. Common sense would tell me that a vegan diet is best, but honestly – it is very difficult to have a vegan diet if you go out to eat at all. Plus, I am uncertain if decreasing animal fat is as good as eliminating it, or if upping plant-based elements is better. I like the idea of being completely vegan, but it is very hard and then there is the B-12 dilemma that seems to indicate that eating meat is natural.

  • That's my question too, does the marginal improvement come more from adding more plant based elements and cutting down on animal-based, or eliminating animal-based elements altogether? Reading and watching videos I find as Dr. Gregor is good at pointing out a lot of ambiguity in the studies and what they mean. The logical thing to think is that a vegan diet is the best … but that any improvement or move in that direction is good. Also, vegan is hard to integrate into normal lifestyle.

  • Both are good. Eat more plants. Eat less saturated fat. Eat less animal based proteins. I've found that going all vegan, 100% plant based is pretty easy and affordable. I hear it's easier to quit smoking than only having one or two per day, similar for the ultimate diet.

    We need ZERO cholesterol, zero saturated fat, zero animal based proteins. All that crap is a liability. Why "go on chemotherapy to lose weight?" I've got a bunch of youtube videos that look at this from many angles.

  • B12 is not really a dilemma. Eat a super healthy diet and your gut will be so much more healthy. B12 is cheap and you can't take too much, although very little is needed… debatable as to how much vegans get. Plant foods get over cleaned and are grown in weak soil so often. Mushrooms are a good source of natural vegan B12. Do more homework. Vegan is easy. It's mostly a mind game, making the change. "sh*t a barefoot vegan runner says" has some good ideas… one of my related vids.

  • I've been mostly vegan for about 2 months now, and it is not easy at all. There is virtually nothing in restaurants that is vegan … and I live in Bay Area, CA. There may be one token dish in some restaurants, but they are usually awful, and expensive as well. I am not talking about hype or feelings, I don't buy any of it, we are still finding out stuff, so no one can claim to know in certainty – when they do I stop listening. The best source I've found is salad bars & Whole Foods.

  • B-12 is a dilemma is that it tends to indicate that it is natural for people to eat at least some meat. I appreciate your answer and enthusiasm, but I want to get past the hype to the data.

    And the condescending "do more homework" is really off-putting, I have been reading a lot about this … and again, vegan is NOT easy. These are not easy questions or questions that can be answered by feelings. When you say it is easy you are looking back, and that is pretty smug and inconsiderate.

  • Restaurant food does tend to be disappointing, but even here in the Midwest, there are more an more vegan options. A cheese free salad and fries are usually an option. Chipotles, Asian food, tend to be good options.

    For me, vegan has been easy to do. Maybe I'm overselling in your view. Often it takes planning ahead, carrying some trail mix or whatever. I make smoothies from a HealthMaster Mixer and get lots of fresh plant nourishment that way… easy to travel with as well. I drink n drive.

  • I've found that even restaurants with no vegan options, will often take ingredients from various dishes and combine them into a simple, sometimes delicious meal. Just be courteous and low key in requesting this. Red Lobster does a nice job of this locally, even though their menu sucks for plant based consumers.

  • I don't consider fries an option. You do not know what kind of oil they are fried in and frying in general not good. Chipotles is great – I do about once a week, but I cannot exist on Chipotles. Asian Chow Fun or vegetables once or twice a week too. I don't care for trail mix, and nuts are not that great. I try to juice vegetables, and like that, but have not really made a strong habit from it yet. I try to minimize bread, and maximize live fresh food. No, not easy to completely change diet

  • To be fair, many years ago, when I figured out I was yeast intolerant and had to give up alcohol and all foods with yeast, I found out that a major diet change can be similar to giving up smoking in difficulty. I'm flexible in what I'll eat, using recipes infrequently or as loose guidelines only. Simpler to combine simple whole foods in combos that satisfy daily cravings. Make a statement at restaurants imo. $ talks there. Most restaurants fry in plant based oils, not good, true.

  • A lot of what I hear is people looking for validation or stroked for being able to change their habits. It gets annoying, like a newly converted to a religion. Look at the progressive or the knowledge on this and one can intuit that we are nowhere near being able to claim anyone knows the truth. I avoid fried. Also, so not like soy much which is what most vegetarians restaurants around here serve, fake soy meat. Do not want to eat many nuts, or too many beans. I run out of stuff I like.

  • 500 characters on youtube responses means social graces often go by the wayside. Not meaning to seem rude…

    Soy is something I minimize for sure, especially since most is GMO. Mindset and priorities are key. Nourishment is even more important than exercise, so if I have to miss out on some things to prep healthy foods and a cooler for travel, I do it if possible. I understand many folks simply can't find the time to do so due to work or family needs.

  • B 12 in not a dilemma. It is not produced by animals or their products. If that is your source it is probably because they are supplemented it themselves. We need such a small amount and some vegans have no need of supplementation because they have such good gut flora or something they actually are producing their own. I went vegan overnight because of ethics and have never looked back. Not for everyone I know. But there is much support out there. You can do it.

  • I simply mean that we get our B12 from animal sources, meaning that most if not all human beings have eaten meat as a regular staple of their diets almost forever. To me that is a dilemma … not in the sense that I do not know which side I prefer to be on, but in the sense that being vegan is paradoxically somewhat unnatural. I would prefer to be vegan, but I am not a absolutist type of person, I see an informed balance that does not yet really exist, but also do not like the meat industry

  • Nope, we've started to get B12 from meat not too long ago, around 200 000 to 500 000 years ago. Before that we used to get it the way gorillas do today, by eating termintes, insects bugs, either voluntarily or without seeing them, under a leaf. I used to think like you, but now I know all primates eat insects, ALL! and insects are very high in B12.

  • When we started to eat B12 from meat is theoretical conjecture. I know there is a lot to the story of B12, but the bottom line is that today's human beings need B12 supplementation, and according to what I've read, like with many vitamins just staying above the minimum dose is not adequate. The other thing is that since this is important for your brain, why play around with it just to think you're smart?

  • B12 is made by bacteria, then is concentrated by insects and animals (esp. ruminants).

    An otherwise good vegan diet has near 0, even incl. contaminated vegetables. If you suggest otherwise, give a source. A good one.
    Many if not most meat diets are also under-supplied with it – you need to include specific foods like liver or kidneys. (insects? mollusks?)

    B12 is also one of the vitamins that can be given in a large dose, for instance, weekly, maybe even monthly.

  • Is there any proof that GMO soy (or in fact anything) is harmful for consumption?
    (Not market practices, not cross-contamination – both of which are questionable and subject to change.)

  • People actually do manufacture B 12 in the gut. It is too low in our intestine though for us to make use of it. I am suggesting some 80/10/10 raw vegans have such good systems that they seem to actually be able to utilize what they are manufacturing and maybe the right diet is the key.

  • We used to be exposed constantly to B 12 in the water we drank and sitting on the plants etc. Since chlorine in the water and depletion of the soil B 12 is harder to come by. So it's not that a vegan diet isn't natural, we just have to make up for damage done to the earth.

  • Supposedly we cannot absorb the form produced by our intestinal bacteria, because it's produced in the colon, while B12 is absorbed elsewhere (ileum?) by the intrinsic factor.


  • The question remains how many of these B12-producing bacteria are there in the ileum and whether they produce enough B12. Significant amount does not automatically mean "enough".

  • Yes, proof imo. Watch "Genetic Roulette" and decide for yourself. Read "The Starch Solution" by Dr. John McDougall for his well informed thoughts on soy in general.

    Even if trying to minimize soy, there is still plenty around. You might watch my overview of "Whole, Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, 2 thumbs way up for Dr. T. Colin Campbell".

  • Me and my wife use to struggle to find places to eat but after 3 years of veganism we can go to any steak house or restaurant and eat just fine. And usually cheaper than if we were eating meat. B12 is not a reason to not go vegan, it's an excuse. For those who are still making excuses quit being the victims of our society and start being the leaders. Go Vegan!!!

  • It is recommended by research and by such figures as C. Esselstyn, J. McDougall, T.Colin Campbell and Dr. Gregor (and the supporting research) that one is wise to supplement both vitamin D3 and B12(subligual).

  • Nitwit, ED is a sign of the onset of cardiovascular disease.
    One is wise to not only notice and connect the two (which you obviously have not) and to then takes steps to remediate the problem if one has not already done so.

    Now sit down and re-watch the video – stopping and replaying the kompleekated portions over until their meaning is clear.

  • First, Gregor reviews published research – he is not out on a crusade to push a particular POV, although that does not prevent his having one! The issue of B12 is an OLD one – as ALL organisms ultimately derive(d) B12 from soil based microorganisms, regardless of the vector they obtain it from.go look at the links in the "About" section of "Vitamin B12 recommendation change" & quit desplaying your ignorance & the strawman debate in which you are perpetuating.

  • Poor baby. B12 analogs are an OLD topic. And its nice that you worry about the speculative nature of origins of how organism once obtained B12 – try talking to the paleo wackos about that. We know what is needed NOW. But since what we need presently in what constitutes the real world for most folks confounds you, go back and listen, and take YOUR speculative feelings elsewhere where they are interested.

    And "many bacteria produce no B12 at all" – Oh No!!!!! What are we to do???

  • Your anecdotal comments by a mouth breather intent of "arguing" is a reason for derision and laughter, you mouth breathing fkwad.
    the irony is the points you try to debate are QUOTED in the research. Go debate the source of the study you ignorant fly.

  • "does it matter why?" just don't think about it. what? too late. oh no! i lost it. i'm sorry, baby. it's not you, it's me. we'll try again tomorrow. good night, baby. i love you too… is she asleep yet? whoo-hoo! back to WoW!

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